Best Wide Running Shoes for Healthy Feet : Buying Guide

best running shoes for wide feet

For running shoes, having the option to pick the correct style isn’t a factor in accomplishing fulfillment. Fit, size & comfort are major issues which matters when picking best wide running shoes.

It is likewise indispensable to decide the width of your foot when you shop. Individuals with wide foot measurements should realize that there are footwear that serves their necessities of wide running shoes. Most footwear manufacturers likewise produce shoes that intend to give a pleasant fit, paying little mind to foot-size or width.

Running shoes for wide flat feet cause it simpler to feel secure however not confined to perform activities. Be that as it may, it is important that not all footwear with wide forms have the equivalent in-footwear experience but differs brand to brand like best loafers.

These days mostly each brand has its particular size-and-width charts. Thus, knowing your foot-measurements gives enough information about the shoe that you’re looking for. This will also be the most probable fits with your foot.

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Width of Running Shoes : Wide or Slender

Having a general commonality of the widths of your feet is an useful route while buying your footwear. Get the job done, means the best strategy for knowing the actual width of your next footwear is really a thing to try. On the off chance when you don’t feel any snugness in the middle and lateral sides of your foot, at that point if things considered, you got the desired best wide running shoe.

On the off chance that the flanks of the upper feel excessively free, at that point it may imply that the footwear are excessively wide for your foot. This also means that you have a need of narrow footwear compare to these. In any case, on the off chance that the fit is excessively close, at that point there are requirement of a wide-width shoes.

Here are some different methods of deciding the width of footwear that will make you competent:

Tracing the foot

On the off chance that a Brannock Device isn’t available in store. At that point one easy strategy is following both your feet on a clear piece of paper. It’s not as precise as expressly getting the measurement from an industry-standard gadget, yet it may help you in knowing whether you need a wide jogging footwear or regular one. In addition, it actually lets you measure the size of your foot.

There is a fundamental factor with regards to utilizing this technique. That is wearing of socks that have medium thickness before measurement is taken. Estimating without wearing a sock will restrain the final desired outcomes of the foot if that is exposed. This may make the inclusion feel too close when the footwear is worn with socks in general. So wearing a thin sock is must in this technique.

Firstly your foot needs to remain on top of the white paper. It ought to be at an even point, and it ought to be agreeable for you. A pen or pencil is utilized to draw the diagram of the foot. It is counterproductive to follow from the underside of the foot since it would definitely change the real measurements. Hold the pen or pencil at an upright angle. Afterward move the pen/pencil as said & draw the edge of your foot perfectly.

After effectively getting a blueprint of your foot, you can utilize a ruler to decipher outcomes into numbers for identifying best width for wide shoes running. There are many size charts on the web from different footwear brands. They are recommended with regards to getting your shoe-size and width easily. It is significant that the following technique is very much helpful when requesting footwear on the web. You can use this when approaching someone else to purchase wide running footwear!

Wide Running Shoe Size Estimation

The Brannock Device is an estimating instrument for the foot. This is originally made by Charles Brannock. Its exactness in estimating foot-size and width has made it a standard thing in footwear retail.

This metal contraption helps shoppers to decide both length and width of his/her foot, which ultimately helps to get the desired wide running footwear size. It is almost 95% & above accurate in terms of foot measurement. It is available with US, Euro and UK estimations. It also have explicit variants that take into account men, women and kids shoes width.

Before selection of wide running shoes, measure your feet:

Personally evaluating a shoe

The fact is, there is an advantage in knowing the diverse foot-measuring procedures. Still there’s little to be said about the significance of actually wearing the shoes that you need to get the right shape. Having the option to get an user comfort feel for the footwear makes the deal closer. You would close to  know whether it’s excessively close or excessively free for your wide foot. Your feet give you the feel through the in-shoe perception and level of solace through this technique.

The work force in the retail shop are additionally there to keep you educated always. They will guide you about what you’re wearing and how you could get the right wider feet sprinting footwear which will fulfill your necessities.

Information about Regular Width of Shoes

Ordinarily, wide footwear makers holds a similar standard with regards to the width of the footwear. It is also true that there are numerous features, segments and design issues that may influence the shape on wide foot. For example, the standard width of a specific brand’s line of footwear may feel okay while another organization’s shoe width may either feel excessively close or loose.

Can a brand have different sizes? There may be few alternatives from a solitary brand, which may bring an alternate shape. Obviously, you won’t get ones that are exceedingly unpleasant in inclusion and ability to embrace your foot. However you’ll doubtlessly be turning your sprinting shoes related to your activity and foot size. In this way, it’s never off-base to do some experiment on your picked pair or matches of footwear. You can always go to a retail shop and test different shoes to check comfort as well as size.

Wide and Extra Wide Shoe Differences

A footwear that has a wide width is essentially made on a last that is common in a standard cycle. The difference is that the more extensive one has increasingly upper space, which could be roughly 5 to 10 millimetres of it. This apparently insignificant change may mean extra solace. This also ensures relaxations to the individuals who wears it.

The extra wide width profile differs by the additional upper space found in the wide profile. It could be just as a 20-millimetre expansion to the last. This design permits extra space to all areas of the foot, rather only the forefoot segment.

While a few people would imagine that an extra wide form of a footwear offers more intrigue since it gives more space than its norm or wide partners. This is not pleasant on the off chance that you have a heel that has a medium volume. The open inside may cause some undesirable wobbling or positional uprooting during the sprinting in general.

Best Wide Running Shoes Women’s & Men’s

There are bunches of best running wide shoes men’s & women’s available! Some of them are obviously more famous than others for sure. At AnacondaLeg, we get all the data about the wider feet athletic shoes and have spotted them in one source. We even make a point to permit clients the opportunity to comment on their preferred wide & extra wide sprinting footwear.

Best Wide Running Shoes

In addition, despite the fact that sprinting shoes aren’t characteristically made utilizing a wide-width format, having the choice is generally enjoyed by shoppers.

Wide Best Running Shoes Comparison Table


Name Our Rating Latest Price

Our ‘Reason to Buy’

1 Under Armour HOVR Phantom(for men & women)


Men’s Women’s
2 Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 (for men & women)


3 Adidas Ultraboost
(for men & women)


4 New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V8
(for men & women)


5 HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6 Running Shoe
(for men & women)


6 Saucony Cohesion 11
(for men & women)


7 ASICS Gel Kayano 25
(for men & women)


8 Brooks Ghost 12
(for men & women)


9 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus




List of Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet

We have selected best running shoes for wide feet based on specification, feature, design, comfort, durability etc. Let us have some details.

Under Armour HOVR Phantom Review

Under Armour is a famous footwear producer for both men & woman. They have wide shoes for toddler as well. Our pick, Under Armour HOVR Phantom running footwear is an amazing one with options like wide, extra wide and extra extra wide along with other regular shape as reviewed. This Neutral baggy running shoe are for those runners, who are looking for flexibility, cushioning and versatility in wide sprinting footwear.

This Under Armour roomy running footwear launched in mid 2019, which is pretty latest and with several benefits like shoes with wide toe box, this has already taken position in consumers wardrobe or foot while they are out of home for sprinting or training. Under Armour is very well recognized for reducing risk of injuries and make sprinting easier with shaft majors approximately low top from arch for better arch support.

Under Armour HOVR Phantom ReviewUnder Armour HOVR Phantom Men’s

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Features & Design

Under Armour Phantom Running Shoe has sock-link fit, flex vent panel and the bike chamois-inspired SpeedForm 2.0 sock liner with mesh in upper as found in our review. And this is ‘360 Flex’ as introduced by the maker, which is unique compared to any other wide sprinting shoes selected here. Plush UA HOVR foam & Energy Web is used in sole. 3D molded midfoot panel designed by laser perforations for ventilation.

Comfort & Durability

This Neutral roomy running footwear are for those runners, who are looking for flexibility, cushioning and versatility in wide sprinting footwear.

Sock-link fit, flex vent panel and the bike chamois-inspired SpeedForm 2.0 sock liner with mesh upper makes this soft, stretchy and sleek design for runners. Another unique trait is high energy feel, delivers responsiveness through HOVR foam & Energy Web. This helps to give back the energy to the runner which they put in each & every stride while jogging.

Runners can enjoy sufficient ventilation and secure comfortable fit with its 3D molded midfoot panel. In customer reviews, it is found that with the updated ankle collar, this offers extra comfort and ensures easier entry than other wider feet shoes. This will make every runner more habituated with this shoe.

This Under Armour men’s footwear actually gives elevated traction to the runners and confirms durability as it is featured with full rubber outsole. with unique knob texture.

Under Armour HOVR Phantom Women’s

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Fitness Review & Specification

Technological signature benefits, comfort and durability ensured customers so much that most of them have reviewed over 4 out of 5 in customer review section.Majority of the customer has agreed about the shape. They have recognized this as true to size. However, you can check the attached size chart for your wider feet’s solace and fit.


Is Under Armour HOVR Phantom good for running?
As it has the ideal adaptability, padding, sturdiness. neutral runners will be exceptionally content with the Under Armor HOVR Phantom. Clients will adore the better curve support it gives along its agreeable underneath stage and the sock-like fit. The cutting edge plan with ‘360 Flex’ innovation makes this shoe an exceptional one among all which has raised foothold here. A genuine decent arrangement for sprinters to be sure. Ample toe box yet consistent with size, makes this shoe one of the top running shoe.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 Review

Mizuno has legacy of more than hundred years to produce different kind of footwear and specially sports like top baggy running footwear women’s or men’s.This wide Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 review has some interesting details to cover. This kick is a latest one though the company was formed in 1906. The company, Mizuno is old enough like they have special pride and pleasure while participating in exciting world of sports and making the entire globe the stage for their activities.  This footwear is designed for promotion of sports like sprinting and actually proves the company advancement on making of quality sprinting shoes.

Latest cutting edge technologies and research has been done before development of these wonderful wide sprinting shoes, which actually enhance the performance of runners. The technological advancement makes these footwear better than others and keep athletes in tip top playing form no matter the sport or the condition. The company’s commitment for the runners shines through while they are on field.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 Review

Mizuno Men’s Wave Prophecy 8

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Features & Design

Mizuno shoes are known as high end wide sprinting shoes to perform very best on track. The top three features are Jacquard engineered mesh upper for breathable, redesigned mid foot cage with micro mesh for comfort & ventilation, infinity wave for high responsiveness from touchdown to take off, makes this wide toe box running shoes a top one. Rubber sole gives better grip while running on road. The shaft measures approximately low of form arch. This special Mizuno wave on sole has added pretty high standard on this wide toe box running shoe.

Comfort & Durability

Mizuno’s only full length Infinity Wave Plate, which is unique to other products that this company produces is a gift for the runners. The Wave Plate is constructed using the next level of wave technology for a more visible and effective construction designed for the professional runners. The Infinity Wave Plate ensures proper cushioning and gives durability by absorbing and dispersing the impact at foot stride.

Synthetic mesh top gives superior comfort feel as very much breathable for runners with wide mid foot. It also has U4icX Strobel Lasting Board that gives extra cushioning even under the sock liner to ensure a very relaxed underfoot feel.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Prophecy 8

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Fitness Review & Specification

Their latest invention is Dynamotion fit technology that relieves the stress of the foot naturally places on footwear, is introduced in this shoe. This actually eliminates distortion for the perfect shape for wide feet. Before making a decision kindly check the attached size chart for wide feet’s solace and fit. Users reviews are very high for this highly engineered wide running shoes men’s or women’s.

Already on the top in Amazon bestsellers rank and reviewed highly by the customers.


Does Mizuno Wave Prophecy shoe run small?
This is a wide running shoe, so chances are less that this will run small. You can check the customer review section for consumer feedback on sizes. In our review we found that with Dynamotion fit technology this shoe ensures perfect shape for wide feet.

Adidas Ultra boost Running Shoe Review

As a runner, you know that racing generates a lot of body heat. You always wanted to stay cool with your sweat zones and when you are looking for a shoe, which can ensure coolness for your extra wide feet our this Adidas Ultra Boost review can help you to take the right decision with every stride. We’re going to talk about Adidas origin Ultraboost sprinting shoes, made for best ever feeling for professional & beginner runners.

adidas ultra boost review

adidas Originals Men’s UltraboostClick to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Features & Design

This pick is launched recently by Adidas and these are neutral sprinting footwear. This has stretchy knit upper with ventilation. This original Adidas is imported & has mixture of textile and synthetic with Rubber Sole. The shaft measures approximately low-top from arch. This Adidas Ultraboost has already taken place in Amazon bestsellers in men’s fashion sneaker, as well as adidas men’s baggy running shoes.

Comfort & Durability

Stretchy knit upper with ventilation keeps your key sweat zones to stay cool.The flexible outsole gives best ever feeling on everyone who takes this on either road or trail running. Though this is specially made for road jogging both flexible outsole and energy returning cushioning works together to give you a smooth ride from touchdown to toe off on every stride on your long distance jogging.

adidas Women’s Ultraboost

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

With engineered shape, Adidas Primeknit upper will wrap your extra extra wide foot for targeted support that enhance movement of your feet and generates endless energy boost. This is promised as most responsive cushioning ever by Adidas originals in their site. This footwear delivers incredible energy return, which means it ensures the more energy you give, the more you get in return.

Fitness Review & Specification

These Adidas Ultraboost wide toe box running shoes gives the heel and forefoot a stable ride & lock down shape with fit counter molded heel counter & continental rubber outsole. As from famous known brand Adidas, this has size chart for extra narrow to extra extra wide and the overall price is a high compared to other jogging footwear. Finally, the rating is over 4.5 out of five by all the customers. So you can definitely understand the reviews it has from runners where more than 80% has given it a direct five star.


Have you ever thought, why is Ultraboosts so expensive? The answer is very reasonable.

The Adidas Ultra Boost padded sole material is an exceptional one. This padded sole is only authorized by Adidas from the BASF organization. That implies there is an extra authorizing expense. This is the real explanation that makes this great shoe more expensive to utilize as opposed to different brands accessible in running shoe area.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V8 Running Shoe Review

This one is from another famous manufacturer New Balance and the selected version is Fresh Foam 1080 V8. In terms of price, it is quite affordable considering other best shoes for top wide feet running that we have reviewed here. This New Balance 1080 V reviewed as 100% synthetic. Currently With synthetic sole, this imported wide toe box shoes is recently launched for the sprinters.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V8 Running Shoe Review

New Balance Men’s 1080v8 Fresh Foam Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Within very short span, this has already been in Amazon bestseller rank for both women’s & men’s running shoe category and the customer reviews are very impressive, over 4.5 out of 5 in Amazon review section. The tag line that is used with this Fresh Foam athletic footwear for wide feet is, improve your winter routine with this fresh form, which clearly states that even in tough time you can always improve speed high in style. It gives smooth speeding in every stride as promised by the brand itself.

Features & Design

Fresh Foam has cutting-edge midsole formed from solo piece of foam that actually offers a lush, more normal ride for any racer. Nicely designed bootie construction, engineered with mesh and blown rubbers outsole, it has no sew material application in construction.

Comfort & Durability

The brand promise reliable cushioning and protected shape with its technological advantage that it has incorporated while producing these wide feet jogging footwear. This version has improved from its previous models with redesigned, substantial, smooth midsole foam. The reconfigured flex grooves improves reliable cushioning compare to its’ old versions.

wide midfoot running shoes; new balance fresh foam 1080v8 b ladies running shoes

New Balance Men’s 1080v8 Fresh Foam

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

This footwear helps runners to maintain a structured protected fit while on track with the engineered mesh top secured mid foot saddle. The designed soft and secure mid foot saddle also enables the foot to flex freely.

Fitness Review & Specification

It has variations from extra extra narrow to extra extra wide. Almost 80% of the users have say that this is true to size as mentioned in size chart. Most review says these are fit to the size and very comfortable. What else are you looking from wide toe box running shoes!


Is the New Balance 1080 a stability shoe?

This New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 is one of the top marquee shoes in it’s line. What’s more, this has made a significant stable number of deals lately in retail and on the web. The Fresh foam 1080 is an ordinary workhorse that can deal with most speeds and distances well. It has a premium padded sole padding, superior designed weave upper and it presents a delicate, smooth, stable ride. Indeed, even in difficult stretch like winter with this model you can generally further develop speed high.

The planned delicate and secure mid foot saddle additionally empowers the foot to flex unreservedly.

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6

This is a premium wide sprinting shoe selected for runners with wide feet. In case you are looking for comfort & fit as well as premium feel & look, check this from HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6 Shoe.

Features & Design

It has rubber soul and just after it has been released, it has taken position in smash rank like its previous versions and already in top hundred for training shoes segment in Amazon. Due to the progress, we believe gradually it will improve the ranking like other versions. HOKA ONE ONE produced this footwear to change the runners perception about jogging shoes. And it is from the reward winning Clifton clan.

mens shoes with wide toe box

HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 6

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Comfort & Durability

As promised from Clifton array, this training Clifton 6 has best qualities just like it’s previous styles. This delivers the perfect combination of soft and light while training, the feather like feel gives flatter ride as hunted by the expert sprinters. With a more tranquil fit, this training footwear includes sewed design that improves lock-down without extra load.

Fitness Review & Specification

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6 signature size chart has different variations from extra extra narrow to extra extra wide. More than 80% actually almost 90% customers have said that is fits true to size which is quite high compared to other brands that we have selected. That is why this HOK ONE ONE Clifton 6 training shoe is a bit pricey than other brands.

wide toe box shoes; HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6

HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Clifton 6Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Now that we have selected by extended research based on customer’s review, we believe that you like this HOKA ONE ONE as your training partner on road running. In case you have already familiar with this brand or even if you are a new customer to this brand, you will love it as most of the users have given a five star which is about 80% of the total.


Do Clifton 6s run big?

During our test a few user said Clifton 5 ran restricted and we surmise on the off chance that you have a truly wide foot, Clifton 5 would probably run somewhat tight. We were eager to attempt the new Clifton 6, and discovered they run much bigger long and width contrasted with the Clifton 5. So in the event that you have a big foot or wide toe, you should attempt Hoka One One Clifton 6, which is one of the top HOKA model on the lookout.

Saucony Cohesion 11 Review

Saucony brand is well known for making sprinting footwear and their motto ‘run for good’ is to improve performance to empower the human spirit with every stride on every run in every community. And every sprinting community that they have served is quite unique from others as they have dedicated them to make quality jogging shoes since long for the runners.

Since starting at 1898, the brand came back a long way while they have been loyal to the sport, running. Building goodness to every product and serve millions around the world to run. With support from this Saucony footwear any runner can challenge their potentials with innovation, design and boundary pushing products as we discussed in this Saucony Cohesion 11 review.

Features & Design

The advanced technology-like Grid, the fast sole based stability and cushioning system, provides an advantage to all the runners whoever have used these shoes. We have individually tried this as fine while checking for several weeks before picking this product in our list.

shoes with wide toe box; saucony cohesion 11 review

Saucony Men’s Cohesion 11

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

This textile & synthetic upper with rubber sole footwear is imported. The shaft measures approximately low-top from arch, the mesh upper with synthetic overlays and has lace up closer. For comfort the padded tongue and collar gives more cushioning, the textile lining gives flexibility to move your feet while entry. It also has heel grid system for stubble cushioning in the heel. For superior traction XT-600 carbon rubber outsole added on Saucony footwear, which is quite durable as well.

Comfort & Durability

Saucony trademark feel and performance is ensured in this jogging footwear for wide feet runners. And as this legacy ensured on their other varieties, Saucony is much respected name in runner’s world since inception in the athletic shoe category. The shoe has kept a stable position in Amazon bestsellers rank by the runners. Both men and women has equal interest on these amazing wide jogging shoe. In terms of comfort. The footwear along with its engineering & innovation gives the solace to the runner on road and helps to improve performance on each day of progress.

Wide toe box shoesSaucony Women’s Cohesion 11

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Fitness Review & Specification

Are you looking for something which is true to wide size training shoe category? Then Saucony Cohesion 11 running shoe would be the right one for you. As it has almost 90% response as true to size. And this is also very cheap. Which may be a requirement from few athletes.


What is the difference between Saucony Cohesion 10 and 11?

The Saucony Cohesion 11 is a modest low budget running shoe that is intended for the individuals who have nonpartisan pronation. We found, its facade is for the most part like its prompt precursor, the Saucony Cohesion 10. And this new Saucony Cohesion 11 emphasis includes a lattice upper that has more noticeable ventilation pores, which gives comfort and ensures better breathability.

ASICS Gel Kayano 25 Review

ASICS is very well known brand in athletic shoe category, they have several models and different versions of sprinting footwear. We are going to talk about one of the shoe which is very latest and already in top Amazon bestseller rank in our Asics Gel Kayano 25 review.

Features & Design

This is a man made plus mesh combination has rubber sole for better traction and durability. ASICS baggy running footwear women’s & men’s have Impact Guidance System, IGS technology to build this special sprinting shoe for the customers. This technology link that employs componentry to enrich the foot’s usual gait from heel strike to toe-off while sprinting.

asics gel kayano 25 review

ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Another important technological benefit that has been introduced with this shoe is dynamic DuoMax Support System. The system enhance stability and support, also reduce weight and increase platform support for runner on sprinting track. This shoe is very much technology based innovation from ASICS which they have developed in several years. The guidance line midsole technology that it has used, gives vertical flex groove decouples the tooling along the band of development for improve step efficiency of foot.

The Guidance Trusstic system technology incorporates the guidance line construction for enhanced step movement efficiency while providing mid foot structural reliability as required on road. The premium sock liner known as Ortholight X-40 sock liner with higher rebound properties delivers excellent moisture management and gives high level of breathability to the runners.

Comfort & Durability

This shoe is designed for lightweight ride, the Kayano 25 running shoe gives high level of comfort and stability to the runners. FLYTEFOAM technology works organic great fibers that battle compression by providing satisfactory bounce even on marathon. The midsole cushions the foot and reinforce is natural line of movement.  The gel technology, minimize the impact and protect the joints of your foot.

ASICS wide sprinting shoes women’s & men’s shoes have seamless materials and construction techniques, this actually keeps the runner free from any uncomfortable pressure points or chafing while jogging. Carefully dispersed eyelets allows for more even pressure distribution on lacing, gives the user a very custom feel while jogging. The weight is light as mentioned early and these shoes gives you energy and stability for long run which has made this shoe to be in Amazon’s bestseller rank along in our selection.

asics wide running shoes womens

ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 25

Click to See Latest price & Reviews on Amazon

Fitness Review & Specification

On an around 90% customers says in Asics Gel Kayano 25 review that it is true to size in terms of fitness. So, considering all those features, technological advantages that has been incorporated in this shoe, makes this one of the top athletic shoes for wide feet runners.


What is the difference between Asics Gel Kayano 25 and 26?

We found the greatest contrast between Asics Kayano 25 and the new model Kayano 26 is actually the measure of GEL that is inserted in the heel.

We also noticed that there’s an undeniable contrast between the two GEL cushions as well. Looking at the two Kayanos one next to the other, the 25 utilized a wedge of GEL in the impact point means on the heel part. While ASICS loaded the Kayano 26 with a wavy (and more liberal) divide that stretches out forward, which is almost nearer to the middle of the shoe.

ASICS abbreviated their Guidance Trussic Line under the shoe, that runs upward from heel to toe. This Guidance Trussic Line ran from the center of the impact point through the toe in the earlier version. But in the later version they shortened the Line, means in the Asics 25. They actually cutting it off in Asics 25, under the forefoot.

Brooks Running Shoes Ghost 12 Review

Here comes one of the best running shoes from the famous athletic shoe producer named Brooks and the model is Ghost 12. This one of the best running shoe for wide feet so we go for Brooks Ghost 12 review. This is an update version of their earlier Ghost model. Why should you pick this Brooks Ghost 12 shoe? In case you are looking for a lightweight shoe this is the shoe for neutral runners. Even if you are a new runner, or new to Ghost 12 You will like this shoe just like other Ghost brand loyal customers do for a smooth and stable ride. 

Brooks Ghost 12 Review

Brooks Men’s Ghost 12

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Comfort & Durability

Brooks Ghost 12 widespread training shoes understands the need of a runner very well. Wherever your foot lands, the segmented crash pad by the help of integrator system of shock absorbers, this shoe will cushion every step and stride for smooth heel to toe changeovers. The shoe provides high energizing cushioning which good for training, cross training or even you can use it in gym. The ultimate Ghost version 12.

Features & Design

Different technology like BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work together for the runner to provide the just right softness underfoot on each step.Also, it confirms durability, though it feels lighter than other brands.  Soft, secure and fit confirms on Brooks 12 thru engineered mesh & 3D fit print that  practically disappears on feet with strategically placed stretch and structure of this Brooks wide shoes. 

brooks wide shoes

Brooks Women’s Ghost 12

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Fitness Review & Specification

Since inception in the market Brooks running shoes has topped the Amazon bestseller rank already as we select for Brooks Ghost 12 review. Almost 90% of customers are happy with its true to size fit and Brooks says, Run Happy. With several technological benefits and features Brooks wide shoes has kept mark in training shoe segment.


Is Ghost 12 a stability shoe?

On our few tests, we have discovered a few characteristics that makes Brooks as one of the incredible stability shoe of current time. Uniquely the non-abrasiveness inside alongside the luxurious lower leg collar, cushioned tongue to the padding makes this wide running shoe an uncommon one among clients.

At long last the stability on streets and rock ways the same make this Brooks Ghost 12 such a shoe that we had difficult time discovering something negative about. In the event that you discovered something let us know.

Nike Wide Running Shoes Air Zoom Pegasus Review

No doubt that the number one shoe brand worldwide is Nike. And we have picked Air Zoom Pegasus 34 shoe. Nike has various models and size of training shoes. This one is very well-known shoe recommended by runners for cardio, exercise classes, short runs. These are the major reasons Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is good for running as known among many athletes.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 review

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Click to See Latest Price & Reviews on Amazon

Features & Design

Still there are several other reasons why Nike Air Zoom is considered as good for running. Nike wide shoe (running) is constructed with ultra-soft mesh upper and the coziness of max air, Nike air Bella TR exercise shoe carries a runner through the workout in grace. The mesh upper gives lightweight ventilation to your feet which ensures dryness while your feet inside. The Zoom Air units provide responsive cushioning enough for the shoe user as mentioned.

Comfort & Durability

Nike outstretched running shoes have Dynamic Fit technology. It delivers one to one shape for every runner on track! Mesh Upper ensures enough ventilation in Nike wide toe box shoes. With the help of Zoom Air, responsive cushioning is guaranteed for each runner.

Fitness Review & Specification

Though launched very recently, it has already an impact in Amazon bestseller ranking and having a fantastic spot compared to other starters. It happened mainly because of the brand name as well as the benefits that it provides in terms of comfort to the professional athletes & beginner runners. Already 85% of customers say this fits true to size. Unique shopper has said, “this runner fits me sound. And seem to have the support I need as a slightly heftier runner than most”, which actually reflects on other customer reviews. It has the support for the teak feed owners.

The size chart of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus review covers from extra extra narrow to extra extra wide Nike running shoes, so you do not need to worry for selection that much like you may do for Best Nike golf shoes. Definitely a favorable training shoe as recommended by several consumers and the price is affordable as well.


Are Nike Air Pegasus comfortable?

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 is an agreeable, extravagant, ordinary preparing shoe as found on a few tests. We’ve been dragging it through hellfire on our test. The Air Zoom Pegasus 34 has more space in the toe box like the old Nike models. Old Pegasus fans will track down these fit more like the old ones too. Extra froth has been added by Nike to the tongue for a plusher vibe as taken note.

Nike Pegasus 34, however they look basically the same as the old models yet has the additional fire with it. What’s more, Nike has referenced as of late that these wide running shoes got more space in the toe box for sprinters alongside a significant number changes to the upper.

Buying Tips on Wide Running Shoe for All

Odd as it sounds, it is hard for individuals with wide feet to obtain training shoes that suit their foot size. A ton of wide sprinting shoes available are made keeping a medium width format while design. This is actually done for making these shoes increasingly comfortable to runners with mid-volume foot-measurements.

Fortunately, footwear manufacturers are concern to the various kinds of feet that shoppers have. They also concern about the fashion changing needs of footwear devotees.  Even they specially produce toddlers wide feet shoes. These days they have a series of releases that include distinctive width choices for the wide feet runner. The options are like from narrow to wide to even extra wide shoes.

On the off chance that you are looking for top wide jogging shoes, you can likewise make it simpler to get a pair of shoes utilizing these buying tips:

Consider the upper

A basic part of any correct fitting shoe is determined by its upper unit. You ought to decide whether it holds your foot rightly, extending or growing to oblige its measurements. A ton of wide training shoes are made of stretchy mesh or knit textures that fit in with the state of the wearer’s foot.

You ought to likewise remember that as you run, our foot swells and lumps. It’s simply part of body mechanics and the impact of heavy ground sway. Wearing shoes with prohibitive uppers keeps you from feeling loose and contained, very  much required by athletes.

Removable insoles

Having the option to redo the in-shoe experience of your wide training shoe is a useful method to keep you solace all through your exercises and this is highly demanding by any runner. Removable insoles permit you to pick whether you need more space for your foot while training. Indeed, these additional items give more padding. On the off chance that insoles not planned to balance out the curve or right overpronation, at that point you may give some concession for your foot to remain moderately loose while racing on turf.

Room for toe-spread

In opposition to prevalent thinking, the foot shouldn’t fit too cozily in the foot-chamber, be it the long way or transversely. It essentially influences the solace levels in general, which limits of the foot to unwind and move more normally.

With regards to your shoes, you ought to have satisfactory space in the toe-box for the spreading and squirming of your toes. To decide this characteristic, the space between your enormous toe and the front finish of the footwear ought to be about a thumb’s width and this in general followed by famous shoe producers.

Inquire about the availability of a wide width shoes

Almost all the brands with jogging shoes have numerous width alternatives. It’s invaluable to put a tad of exploration to know whether the shoe brand that you are focusing on has a wide-width choice. You can always look at the brand sites and the retail shops for width options. In store, you can request help from one of the staff in your neighborhood athletic store to pick the right fit top wide feet running shoe brands.

The lacing methods for wide feet running shoes

Having wide feet and searching shoes for running is such a test sometimes. In any case you’re savvy  on jogging shoes and confident with the footwear,  you will look for solace along with fitness from desired shoe brands. Once the purchase decision is made, you’re certain to make some incredible memories taking on the streets and the trails.

Lacing techniques can play an important part to experience you perfectly. As a little something extra for yourself, you can plan the lacing techniques or strategies to elevate your experience in newly purchased jogging shoe. Lacing gives basic level assistance in fixing the fit and making safety about your foot. Yet it doesn’t need to be excessively close or prohibitive wit lacing. You can have a generally loose in-shoe understanding without giving up the fit. You can also feel better by altering the arrangement of your laces to oblige a wide foot-volume.

  • Wide feet naturally – Those who have wide feet by and large or need to encounter a progressively loose in-shoe experience need not to stress in light of the fact that there is a lacing strategy that opens up the top piece of the upper. This actually keeps the full instep from feeling excessively compelled than other lacing. The binding procedure starts with an ordinary outward-and-internal crisscross setup, yet it skirts the third and fifth pair of eyelets. The equally spaced structure tries to free more space for the foot while jogging.
  • Wide forefoot – This binding procedure has the objective of keeping up a protected coverage. Actually ensuring room for the forefoot to unwind is a basic need in this. Human feet normally swell during movement. So an obliging upper may give some relief here. When setting up the laces, it’s relevant to skirt the normal mismatch circling(known as crisscross) of the shoelaces on the initial three sets of eyelets. The two closures of the strings need simply to wind through them. This is actually initiating the normal lattice design after the third eyelet.

Points to ponder on Buying Guide

  • The logo or the ubiquity of the organization behind a training shoe isn’t straightforwardly identified with the fit and estimating. There’s not a solitary brand that can reliably and impeccably convey the right fit for you. There may times when you’d feel as though you’re not getting what’s expected in terms of width from your desired brand. However you’d be neglectful on the off chance that you don’t evaluate the shoe by yourself or increase more information from the web. Before buying the top wide training shoes, you must update your ideas from retail or through web.
  • There are many wide feet training shoe brands in the market. They have various design, advancements in terms of technologies. You expand your scope by testing different footwear from few well know brands as mentioned in this article.
  • Being put resources into a specific brand or a couple of shoes is a simple endeavor. You can give some affection for its design, the immaculate nature of its structure and its possibly cost swelling notoriety. In any case, in case you’re getting any agony or any type of disturbance while wearing your favored training footwear, at that point it’s not worth in attempting to cherish it. Your degree of solace with wide feet training shoe is tremendously basic.
  • Lack of solace in your training shoe could dull your happiness regarding training. This doesn’t ensure a sound way of runner’s life. It’s not just about getting the most responsive padded sole, the most engineered outsole, and the most breathable upper; you additionally need to feel as though the shoe is uniquely made for you.
  • Minor errors in the structure or development of your training shoe can be ignored sometimes. Do whatever it takes not to be so up to speed in the insignificant subtleties. Athletes normally stay empowered & dynamic. You be same & don’t permit your get-up-and-go to be hosed or your objectives as a runner to be ruined.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Running Shoe

Which material is best for a wide athletic shoe, texture, or work?

What could be the trick of non-restricting fit in wide training shoes? The secret to getting a non-limiting fit is to ensure that the upper is fit for extending and adjusting itself to the state of the foot when required. Most calfskin mixes prompt an impediment to the in-shoe experiences while training. Normally textures that have an open setup allows relaxed training for the users.

Mesh isn’t consigned to a solitary material that is gotten from plastic. There are renditions of mesh that are made to look and capacity like woven fabric. Some level of mesh are firmly built to accomplish a solid structure on training shoes. The textile-like engineered mesh is an occurrence that epitomizes strength as well as adaptability in a breathable outline for the top wide feet running shoe users. A few brands that have this article incorporate Nike, Saucony, and Under Armor.

There are upper units, which are made of fused yarn that were joined by an accuracy sew process. The material offers a sock-like feel that is consistent and perfectly sized. Its woven nature makes it delicate and smooth. This actually keeps the foot from feeling confined while training.

In this way, with regards to the sort of material that takes into account training individuals with wide feet, both fabric and mesh have their up to mark qualities. They’re both intended to be strong, breathable, and effective for sprinters. It is significant that yarn-based uppers aren’t exceptionally normal. They look moderately one of a kind, so it might be a stylish favorable position on the off chance that you decide on a wide training shoe that includes this material.

Is it hard to get a wide running shoe?

Throughout the years, footwear brands and producers have mulled over the individual needs of various customers. They take a stab at advancement and ease of use, intending to oblige however many individuals as could reasonably be expected. There are more shoes available these days that are accessible in a wide-width variant.

Deciding the accessibility of wide shoes is very basic. At the point when you’re visiting your favored brand or retailer site, you can explore the wide shoe page to discover details that lets you pick the size and fit. Then again, you can check AnacondaLeg’s channel highlight to decide brands and shoes that have wide-width forms for beginners to professional 5K runners.

Which is more luxurious, a slim or wide running shoe?

Is cost is an issue while buying different size of shoes(specially wide shoes) of a same brand, asked by one of our researchers to few shoe retail brands. As we got, there may be a perception that training shoes price may vary in case of different sizes or widths. Be that as it may, it is important that the various size chart don’t influence the cost of training shoes in general. Consider it as shoemaker’s customized administration to the client. It is unreasonable to individuals if there’s a value climb for each centimetre or inch of shoes. Get the job done it to state that the producer’s proposed value as of now incorporates the concessions to the materials and shoe-measurements.

I have wide feet. Which width alternative would it be a good idea for me to consider, wide or extra wide?

The width selection of best training shoes directly relies upon degree of comfort. Also the requirement for additional room in the shoe’s foot-chamber helps to decide about the shoe width. On the off chance that you’re accustomed with wide-width form, at that point you will be happy if there are options for selection on shoes that have multiple versions.

In case you feel any uneasiness on the sides of your feet or in any case your toes does’t have any space for normal spreading, what will you do? You may choose an wider version that is more extensive than your standard inclinations. It may not be an issue with the width actually. Going half a-size or a size up may let loose some space in your training shoe for forefoot, much understandable.

In any case if you have purchased any wrong shoe from web, do not worry! It happens and there may be times when the fit or even the measuring simply aren’t right. Such cases occur sometimes. Most brand sites and stores entrances permit clients to decide on supplanting if they’re not happy with their wide feet training shoes. Renowned brands have practices like this & they encourage item returns or exchanges when required.

I have wide feet. What happens if I buy a medium-width running footwear?

On the off chance that you have wide feet and you have bought a pair of medium-width jogging shoes by mistake from a physical shoe shop, what will be next step? Most likely you’re OK with the fit when you gave it a shot for yourself in store. In case you are worried about your buy, those can be bring back to the store  for exchange.

Then again, you may be stressed over a shoe that originated from an online like us. The sub-menu for widths may not be accessible always, or the wide feet training shoes that is sent to you may erroneously be the medium-width version. You can attempt it initially and check whether it fits. On the off chance that it doesn’t, when on shoe the medial and parallel sides of your feet may feel some snugness while jogging. Your toes may likewise be in an awkward situation as they’re probably going to be felt packed together. A few people may endure such an oversight, however the way to eventually making the most of your jogging shoe depends on your solace level.

By what method will I know whether I’m somebody who needs a wide jogging shoe?

The needed sign that reveals to you that you are an individual who needs a wide jogging shoe is an explicit leaning of distress when wearing your standard jogging shoes. For individuals who are still genuinely building, you may see yourself growing out of the shoes that you used to love. You may see an inconsistency by the way you wear your shoes, how you tie them, and how you eventually feel during broadened use like sprinting on track.

In event when you’re encountering such effects, at that point you might need to consider looking for new sprinting shoes for wide feet. The most ideal approach to check if it’s another shoe you need or another width profile is to go to a brand shoe store and take a stab at certain shoes. Ensure that your foot can remain in solace and that your toes are fit for loosening up when on the ground. You ought to likewise consider an increasingly loosened up upper construction that obliges the regular expanding of the foot during movement like sprinting, walking or relaxing.

However, finding an ample toe box and a stretchy upper isn’t the main thing that you have to mull over. In event when you end up needing for more solace, even after deciding about the development and supportive highlights of the best shoes for wide feet sprinting, at that point you can request other versions that have best running shoes of wide-width adaptations even for high arches or heel to toe drop.

Final words : Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet Selection

Don’t struggle a lot in 2021 for another pair of running shoes (wide and extra wide). We have analyzed data from our in depth research on best running shoes, interviewed with few users with baggy feet and genuine wear testing done to decide the best running shoes for wide feet. Let us know, how do you rank this method.


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