Brooks Ghost vs Glycerin: Running Shoes to Maximize Performance

The Brooks Ghost 14 and Glycerin 20 are two of the most supportive running shoes on the market today. These Brooks running shoes will help you achieve your running goals with ease!

Maximizing your stride, cadence and speed is essential to achieving optimal running performance. The brooks ghosts utilize a dedicated midsole that provides support and stability for an efficient, powerful gait that ultimately translates into faster distances covered – all thanks to its cushioned ride!

Brooks is well known for unparalleled cushioning and impact absorption. It has crafted the Ghost Series with a revolutionary midsole design that delivers promises on each step. This state-of-the-art technology offers superior comfort along with enhanced proprioception which allows runners to experience heightened awareness when navigating over any terrain.

Brooks Ghost vs Glycerin: Which is best brooks running shoes?

It is often said that if there is a choice to be made from Brooks Ghost vs Glycerin, you should always go with comfort over support from this two best brooks running shoes. However, this doesn’t mean it cannot be advantageous to strike a balance between both in order to achieve the ideal amount of both! For those seeking optimal traction but no ankle support whatsoever, then these shoes provide just that – yet they are also exceptionally comfortable.

brooks ghost vs glycerin
Brooks Ghost vs Glycerin

The Glycerin 20 Brooks boasts the same plush upper construction and air mesh uppers as the Ghost 14 Brooks, ensuring maximum breathability and further mitigating the potential for foot odor thanks to its mesh-like overlays. This feature along with its supportive fit makes Glycerin running shoes ideal for the neutral runners seeking maximum comfort while still maintaining a degree of structural integrity.

For more information regarding Brooks Glycerin vs Ghost comparison, check out my in-depth analysis below.

glycerin vs ghost
Brooks Glycerin 20 Men’ Running Shoe

Support & Stability

When it comes to sheer stability and support, the Brooks Ghost model is hard to beat. This lightweight shoe boasts a midsole design that effectively absorbs shock from each step taken during exercise; hence improving your post-run experience!

best brooks running shoes
Women’s Brooks Glycerin 20 Running Shoe

Glycerin 20 provides you with all the supple comfort of a traditional running shoe whilst offering enhanced support for heavier loads like jumping and landing after distance runs.

Lightweight & Breathability

If you’re looking for an option that won’t weigh you down, these Brooks Ghost 14s are a smart choice. The Ghost 14 Brooks shoe boast a lightweight design, ideal for those seeking running efficiency without sacrificing support or comfort. For more option check Saucony Kinvara 12 Reviews.

With its breathable design, Glycerin 20 Brooks offers optimal ventilation in hot weather; it ensures that your feet remain cool and dry during jogs.

Traction & Wet Traction: Glycerin versus Ghost

If you’re a runner seeking high-tech cushioning, then Glycerin 20 would be your go-to choice when I compare Glycerin versus Ghost. It actually possesses supremely resilient characteristics with Brooks Glycerin 20’s unique ‘new-age’ insole design providing exceptional shock absorption and stability through even the most demanding terrain.

Glycerin 20 boasts an advanced midsole compound that provides outstanding levels of impact protection, while also delivering plush cushioning. This technology is housed within an innovative outsole design; providing enhanced traction on both dry and wet surfaces without sacrificing responsiveness – ideal for tackling any terrain!

No Arch Shocks

Everyone’s foot demands varying levels of cushioning. For those who are seeking a lightweight pair of running shoes, Brooks Ghost 14 boasts an impressive sole unit comprised solely of EVA foam. This material is typically utilized for its flexibility and comfort – both factors regarded highly by consumers.

men's brooks ghost 14
Men’s Brooks Ghost 14

The company’s Glycerin 20 harnesses superior traction technology, utilizing real rubber lugged onto the outsole to provide secure footing while pounding pavement. If opting for an unrolled comparison between both models seems irresistible don’t fret: Glycerin 20 still maintains a level playing field when compared to Brooks Ghost 14 review in this respect!

Durability & Protection: Glycerin vs Ghost

No matter how much you enjoy your running exercise, it’s inevitable that some accidents may occur. That being said, ensuring that your shoes offer protection from such incidents is of paramount importance!

The Brooks Ghost 14 is one of the most protective running shoes on the market; its upper consists of a durable synthetic mesh for optimum breathability and flexibility. Moreover, this material is also resistant to abrasion-causing friction when in contact with the road surface.

Glycerin 20 provides maximum protection against impact forces and concomitant abrasions as well as even more padding than the Ghost 14.

Glycerin 20 vs Brooks Ghost 14: Which One Has More Support?

If you’re searching for greater support and stability, then the Brooks Ghost 14 would be a better option. With its elevated heel-to-toe drop of 12mm (26% higher than the Glycerin 20), it is an ideal choice for those seeking additional stability while running.

On the other hand, the Glycerin 20 boasts a more modest 10mm drop per shoe. This provides an ideal level of support compared to that of most running shoes – perfect for beginners or anyone who requires even a moderate level of assistance!

Best for Neutral Running: Brooks Glycerin 20 running shoes

The Glycerin 20 is a neutral running shoe designed for stability and cushioning, with a sophisticated upper constructed of polyester mesh.

The Glycerin 20 boasts an elevated midsole that provides plush-yet-supportive cushioning across the forefoot as well as underfoot. It also evokes feelings of smoothness when you glance down at it – something that’s due to its e*thirteen™ carbon fiber plate which is incorporated into its design; thus providing additional enhancement of stride during everyday motion.

Testers appreciate the fit than Brooks Glycerin 19 and flexibility of this lightweight model, highlighting its accommodating nature while praising its low-profile construction.

Technical Specs Brooks Ghost 14:

Terrain Road
Pronation type Neutral
Drop 12 mm
Heel stack height 31 mm
Forefoot stack height 19 mm
Weight (men) 283 g/10 oz
Weight (women) 249 g/8.8 oz
Features Recycled materials, Vegan
Release year 2021
Best Price Men, Women


Upper 3D Fit Print, Engineered Mesh
Midsole DNA Loft
Outsole Omega Flex Grooves, Rubber, Segmented crash pad


Softness Soft
Bounce Moderate


Speed Moderate, Slow
Distance Mid, long, 10k, half marathon, marathon
Workout Recovery, Daily runs

Technical Specs Brooks Glycerin 20

Terrain Road
Pronation type Neutral
Drop 10 mm
Heel height 33 mm
Forefoot height 24 mm
Weight (men) 285 g/10.1 oz
Weight (women) 257 g/9.1 oz
Features Wide feet, Heavy runner
Release year 2022
Best Price Men, Women


Upper Engineered Air Mesh
Midsole DNA LOFT v3, Guide Rails (GTS version)
Outsole Rubber with Flex Grooves


Softness Soft
Responsiveness Medium


Speed Moderate, Slow
Distance Mid, 10K, Half marathon, Long, Marathon
Workout Daily running

Reference: Brooks

Final Talk: Ghost vs Glycerin

The difference between Brooks Glycerin and Ghost is sorted. The Brooks Ghost 14 offers excellent support and stability, making it a great choice for runners who need extra assistance. It has a higher heel-to-toe drop, providing additional stability during runs. The Ghost 14 also has a durable synthetic mesh upper for breathability and protection against abrasion.

ghost vs glycerin
Women’s Ghost 14 Review

On the other hand, the Glycerin 20 is designed for neutral running and offers a more moderate level of support. It has a lower heel-to-toe drop, making it a good option for beginners or those who prefer a more natural feel. The Glycerin 20 also has a lightweight design and a breathable polyester mesh upper.

Both models provide cushioning and shock absorption, ensuring a comfortable running experience. They also offer traction on both dry and wet surfaces, making them versatile for various terrains.

Conclusion : Brooks Ghost vs Glycerin

In conclusion, both the Brooks Ghost 14 and the Glycerin 20 have their own unique features and benefits as I tested for this Brooks Ghost vs Glycerin analysis.

Ultimately, the choice between the Brooks Ghost 14 and the Glycerin 20 will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize support and stability, the Ghost 14 is the better option. If you prefer a lightweight and neutral shoe, the Glycerin 20 is a great choice.


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