Brooks Ghost 14 Reviews: The Ultimate Running Shoe or Just Another Hype?

The Ghost 14 is the ultimate pair of Brooks running shoes or just another hype? I’ll let you be the judge on this Brooks Ghost 14 review.

At first glance, the Ghost 14 may seem like any other entry-level running shoe. The striking red color and minimalist design instantly evoke thoughts of comfort and ease; however, once your foot settles into this sweet spot – which it will in no time – it provides an unparalleled level of flexibility and support.

Packed with a plethora of innovative technologies designed to enhance your run experience, how do they actually perform? Let’s find out!

Brooks Ghost 14 Reviews: Best Running Shoe or Hype?

To be honest, I was initially dismayed upon learning of the Brooks Ghost 14. I had been anticipating this year’s rendition as a high-end running shoe; however after reviewing Brooks Ghost 14 in-depth – perhaps my expectations were too high?

brooks ghost 14 reviews
Brooks Ghost 14 Reviews

On the surface level, these shoes have quite a few features that make them quite appealing to those looking for a more stylish alternative than an ordinary running shoe. However, if you seek out even more distinctive options like those found within Brooks’s latest release then this could well become your go-to selection.

Technical Specifications: Brooks Ghost 14

Terrain Road Running
Pronation type Neutral Running
Drop 12 mm
Heel stack height 31 mm
Forefoot stack height 19 mm
Weight (men) 283 g/10 oz
Weight (women) 249 g/8.8 oz
Features Vegan, Recycled materials
Release year 2021
Best Price Men, Women


Upper Engineered Mesh, 3D Fit Print
Midsole DNA Loft
Outsole Rubber, Segmented crash pad, Omega Flex Grooves


Softness Soft
Bounce Moderate


Speed Moderate, Slow
Distance Mid, long, 10k, half marathon, marathon
Workout Recovery, Daily runs


At first glance, one can’t help but marvel at just how striking and sleek the Ghost 14 Brooks running shoes look. The understated look lends itself perfectly to casual wear while simultaneously offering up an impressive sense of classiness when paired with tailored clothing.

Hands on Brooks Ghost 14 Running Shoes Review

To put this one simply, I adore running in Brooks. I didn’t have the chance to pen down my thoughts regarding the Ghost 15‘s prowess yet, but 14’ve certainly proven themselves as an all-around great option for me. They’re ideal for training runs or long distance endeavors whilst being equally at home climbing stairs and jogging on pavement alike. The upper is soft yet supportive and flexible – aiding with a more natural stride when running on uneven ground.

Sitting atop of my beloved Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes review, it becomes evident that these shoes are built for comfort. My foot slips into its snugly shaped pockets without any effort whatsoever; even during longer stints on the road. Not only is that but also it provides unparalleled security while out on excursions! It feels like you could take an impromptu stroll without having to worry about stepping off balance mid stride!

brooks ghost 14 women's
Brooks Ghost 14 Women’s

I’m not sure if it’s just my imagination…but the padding appears to be much softer than other cushions I’ve tried from competitors’ models. Even after many hours’ worth of wear, it remains comfortable and does not deteriorate at all! This makes for an ideal choice for those who must frequently venture out for workouts.

Brooks Ghost 14 Sole Unit: The Ribbed Tongue and The Outsole Lugs

When taking a look at the 14th iteration of Brooks’ running shoe, it is apparent that the design takes an evolutionary approach with the updated sole unit.

The eye-catching outer sole has a chevron pattern which provides tantalizing traction over any surface, be it pavement or even trail side rocks!

If you’re seeking a fresh take on trail running shoes, then you can always turn to Brooks. They have consistently crafted footwear that offer advanced innovations in comfort and performance. The latest endeavor from the manufacturer boasts its own bold design—with ribbed perforated contours imparting greater flexibility for optimal stride.

Is the Ghost 14 Brooks a Good Shoe for Runners with pronated or over-pronated feet?

The Brooks tennis shoe, Ghost 14 may be ideal for runners with high arches, but pronation is another factor worth considering. These shoes feature a midfoot shank design that provides compression and torsion stability when running; it also alleviates pressure on the metatarsals from normal activities like walking or standing up from sitting down.

With recent data asserting that overpronated runners experience more injuries than those who are flat-footed, your mileage may vary with respect to this aspect. If you do have pronation issues, it is advisable to seek out shoes crafted from premium materials such as carbon fiber or KEVLAR® – which can effectively attenuate impact forces without compromising comfort level whatsoever.

Ghost 14 Brooks Review: The Fit

The Brooks Ghost 14 is a looser fit, and if you’re new to running these could be an ideal choice. If you’ve been out of shape for awhile, or if you have one foot that’s shorter than the other, then this may not be the most generous in terms of space – but it won’t take away too much either!

brooks ghost 14 men's
Brooks Ghost 14 Men’s

The comfortability of the Brooks Ghost 14 men’s and women’s comes down to a combination of its snug upper and spacious heel cup. This provides adequate room while also ensuring that your heel remains secure during runs.

So if you have wider feet

If you’re in possession of wider feet, the Brooks Ghost 14 women’s and men’s are ideal choices. This versatile design accommodates up to a 19-inch (48cm) opening. For narrow feet check Saucony Kinvara 13 Review or Nike Air.

Due to its high level of flexibility, the Brooks Ghost can be adapted for any foot type and activity – from running to gym sessions and even jogging to strolls along paved paths.

This might be the shoe for you.

First and foremost, if you’re seeking a model that caters to higher mileage runners, then ‘Ghost 14′ may be an ideal choice.

While the midsole is composed of EVA foam and rubber, the upper remains made up of a breathable mesh material – unlike the rigid chassis construction of other models in Brooks’ line-up; perfect for keeping running during hot summer days comfortable! My 7-mile run with this pair was surprisingly manageable thanks in part to its lightweight design and lackadaisical gait.

The Ghost 14 provides enough cushioning from heel through forefoot to absorb minor impacts without adversely affecting stride length.

ghost 14 review
Ghost 14 Brooks Women’s

Its design makes it an ideal option for those who want to maximize their potential on a flat or ascending course, yet don’t necessarily require additional support or stability for longer endeavors.

On The Move: Up and Over Hills and Uphills

If you’re searching for a pair of shoes that can tackle the toughest hill climbs and ascents, look no further than Brooks Ghost 14s. The ridges across the outsole provide an impeccable grip as you ascend toward your destination!

Don’t be dissuaded if the incline is steep. While the Ghost 14 provides peak cushioning and stability, it’s up to the runner how much effort they wish to devote – if any at all! With its exceptional agility and light weight, this model is ideal for those seeking a versatile shoe they can rely upon while trekking along mountainous terrain.

Walking Tests: Is This a Walking Shoe or a Running Shoe?

The Brooks Ghost is a casual shoe! Don’t let that fool you; this versatile option can be utilized as a walking shoe or a running model, depending on what’s required. Brooks has already released Brooks ghost 15, have a look.

An abundance of padding in the midsole provides exceptional shock absorption, while the heel cup and arch support provide additional security during walks. The unique construction makes this Ghost 14 a truly comfortable choice for any stroll!

Final Thoughts: Brooks Ghost 14

When I first put on the Brooks Ghost 14 in my DC run, it felt as though I had donned a pair of socks and shoes. They truly felt like running shoes with an elevated level of comfort achieved through the adaptive mid-foot strike platform – even when compared with other models within its range like the Pegasus or Salomon Ultra-Glide.

brooks ghost 14 men's review
Brooks Men’s Ghost 14

Despite being slim-fitting in some areas, this shoe is anything but flat. With its toe box like wide toe box running shoes and ample lateral stability that comes from its rigid shank-like outsole, one can’t help but feel perfectly at ease while wearing these.

While it is true that the Brooks Ghost 14 is not for everyone due to its quirky appearance- both due to its unique color scheme and unconventional lacing system – it ultimately provides exceptional bounce during my runs and manages to keep me comfortable throughout them.

Conclusion: Brooks Ghost 14 Reviews

For the most part, Brooks have managed to maintain a certain level of reverence among runners. However, it’s evident that the brand is no longer the sole purveyor of elite performances; other manufacturers are now providing seamless, all-terrain soles for those seeking something truly versatile. That being said, it remains to be seen: Brooks Ghost 14 reviews.

The Brooks Ghost 14 is a trail-running shoe that’s ideal for tackling even the heaviest terrains. Its supple midsole provides additional cushioning while its responsive outsole allows you to transition with ease and precision over any surface.


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