Salomon Ultra-Glide Review: A Game-Changing Trail Running Shoe!

Are you looking for an Salomon Ultra-Glide review? Then it is time to get your game plan together – because these are definitely not your ordinary joggers!

In the past, there was no need for me to be enamored with trail running shoes. However, when I received a complimentary pair of Ultra Glide Salomon recently and put them through their paces on the trails, they turned out to be nothing short of game-changing!

Review: Salomon Ultra-Glide

My review of the Salomon Ultra-Glide Trail Running Shoes is a candid account of my experiences with these innovative trail running shoes. If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis on this model, then I’ve got all the answers!

My main motivation behind penning this blog article was to provide adventurers with a detailed description on how I perceived the pair I currently own. This should eliminate any potential concerns about which products I may be endorsing here on; so don’t hesitate to check out our site reviews section if you want to learn more about any gear featured.

salomon ultra-glide review
Men’s Salomon Ultra-Glide Review

The new Ultra-Glide brings forth several noteworthy alterations over its predecessors, such as incorporating PlushCloud technology within its upper construction and utilizing Graphene rubberized pellets within its sole unit. As far as value goes, these have got it all – providing exceptional durability without compromising comfort or performance!

What are the highlights of this shoe?

The Ultra-Glide’s sleek, low profile design delivers a versatile experience for trail running and mountain biking alike. This lightweight midsole delivers solid underfoot traction with wavy lugs on the sole that provide excellent grip in all types of terrain – no matter how rough!

The breathable mesh upper provides maximum comfort while retaining its shape during rigorous activity. A rubberized toe cap fortifies this area to safeguard against abrasion or impact; while also providing a snug fit when clamping down on pedal strikes or pinches along tight trails. Finally don’t forget about the ultra-slick SLX® outsole which has been engineered to provide unmatched traction while providing maximum flexibility and responsiveness during even the most treacherous terrains!

Highlights of the fit:

I was astounded by how well these shoes fit – even on my high arches! Despite possessing a generous toe box accommodating all varieties of feet shapes, there is no doubt that the supremely flexible membrane is what truly sets this model apart.

The remarkable level of comfort and freedom provided by the Salomon Ultra Glide Trail Running Shoe’s cushioning along with its lightweight construction are other notable aspects of this design. Both attributes contribute to providing an exceptionally enjoyable run experience!

Highlights of the features:

The Ultra-Glide is a trail running shoe that provides maximum freedom of movement while still providing unparalleled durability and shock absorption. Containing an exclusive midsole material, Vibram XS Edge outsole rubber compound provides unparalleled traction and has been specifically designed to withstand rugged terrain while offering protection from rocks and roots; ensuring that your feet will be adequately shielded on even the most challenging hikes or treks!

salomon ultra glide reviews
Salomon Unisex Ultra Glide

This model boasts an adventurous design with pronounced lacing for enhanced support and fit with three eyelets for more customization options. Alongside a sturdy yet lightweight upper material with breathability properties for superior comfort during wear; whilst also featuring double ankle straps providing extra security from any potential injuries should they occur along the way!

Keep in Mind About This Shoe:

If you’re looking for a trail running shoe that will provide you with adequate stability, protection and cushioning yet still possess a lightweight design without compromising on performance; the Salomon Ultra-Glide could be ideal for you.

salomon glide
                                                 Salomon Glide Men’s

They are made from high-tech materials that provide dynamic support, yet aren’t too heavy or bulky to lug around. Plus, even though they boast an ultra-flexible upper material – designed to accommodate each stride with unparalleled ease!

All of this combines to deliver one of the most enjoyable runs possible while simultaneously providing optimum protection against rocky terrain and sprains resulting from jolting landings. Don’t forget about their Chafe Protection System as well!

Salomon Ultra Glide Test Findings

Terrain Type Trail
Pronation type Neutral running
Drop 6 mm
Heel stack height 34 mm
Forefoot stack height 28 mm
Weight (men) 281 g/9.9 oz
Weight (women) 258 g/9.1 oz
Features Rocker design
Salomon Ultra Glide Release Date 2021


Upper Quicklace system, Sensifit, 3D Air Mesh
Midsole Energy Surge, Reverse Camber
Outsole Contagrip MA


Softness (1-5) 4 – Soft
Bounce (1-5) 4 – Bouncy


Speed Slow to fast any
Distance Mid, long, ultramarathon
Workout Competition, daily runs

The Pros

Are you looking to amp up your trail running or ultra-distance journey?

1. Salomon Ultra Glide trail running shoes were designed with performance in mind and are engineered to be the most comfortable pair of running shoes you’ve ever worn!

2. The foremost advantage of these shoes is, I could wander around all day without any fatigue whatsoever! This equates to a long-lasting experience during each and every run – perfect for those seeking out great mileage within an extended period of time!

3. These Salomon Ultra-Glide is engineered with an impressive amount of cushioning material situated between the forefoot and heel regions, providing ample support for your joints, keeps your body tension free like HOKA Clifton 8.

4. The unique lacing system of these shoes ensuring that you maintain perfect form as you move. It allows you to easily adjust the position of your foot while wearing them, just superb!

salomon ultra glide 2
                                                                Salomon Ultra Glide 2 Women’s

The Cons

I checked that it does not possess as much style options compared to other models – which may deter first-time buyers from making this purchase decision. New Balance 880 V 12 running shoe could be a better option with more styles but wide fit.

Also, if you are looking for Salomon Ultra Glide waterproof hiking footwear, it will not be the one due to mesh upper construction. For hiking, check Salomon X Ultra 4 review.

However, should you decide that Ultra-Glide’s style options aren’t as expected; check out list of road running shoes options for additional footbeds!

Why is this shoe an “unleash your inner trailblazer” game-changer?

With its supreme traction, speed and agility, the Salomon Ultra-Glide is designed for neutral road running in a way that sets it apart from many other trail shoe on the market.

Salomon provides superb comfort with the Ultra-Glide, allowing you to stride out confidently with each step. This is due to their unique lacing system; which makes taking your foot off-center during wear effortless – all while maintaining perfect form as you move along! The top quality cushioning makes it top quality running shoe than many.

Final Talk: Solomon Ultra-Glide

salomon ultra glide
                                              Ultra Glide Salomon Women’s

After putting a few miles on, I’ve come to appreciate these Salomon Ultra-Glide Trail Running Shoes more than I initially anticipated. They are an ultra-lightweight neutral or trail running shoe with exceptional cushioning and stability; making them ideal for longer runs like 500 to 600 miles in their lifetime.

I originally did not plan on purchasing this pair of shoes online due to Salomon Ultra Glide price, but after chatting with one of the folks at The KSO, I couldn’t say no! I had been eyeing them up in-store and was willing to shell out a little extra price, if it meant getting my hands on some high-quality gear. And now that I have it, I don’t think I’ll let it go for Salomon Glide price!

Check Salomon Ultra Glide review’s recap:

Conclusion : Salomon Ultra-Glide Review

If you’re in search of a trail runner, the Salomon Ultra Glide is an excellent choice. It provides an optimal blend of support, cushioning and flexibility in one package!

The Ultra-Glide is top-rated trail running shoe. It received high marks for comfort, cushioning and grip across all metrics – making it a perfect choice for long-distance runs along with Salomon Ultra-Glide review!


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