HOKA Clifton 8 Review: Best Daily Running Shoe From Hoka

Professional runners wants running shoes with real results. As heard, if properly used, HOKA Clifton 8 can be used for 30/40 miles per week. And my this research is on HOKA Clifton 8 review, to get the actual facts from HOKA.

This is kind of best running shoes as recommended by my testers. They are just like top  hoka running shoes women, which are desired by any runner for real results on track as confirmed by many runners over last few months.

HOKA has come a long way forward since starting at 2009. They are now rocking the track & trail with HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 in different colors for inspirational run.

HOKA Clifton 8 Review

hoka clifton 8 review

Release Date & Colors:

Since released on last year, HOKA Clifton 8 has grabbed clear attention from runners with more than 20 different colors for men and women.

hoka clifton 8 mens review
          Hoka Clifton 8 men’s review

Features & Design:

Clifton 8 Hoka is very well made and can support your feet as it has many features like

  • Resilient rubber sole.
  • Open structured mesh upper along with one-piece man made seams.
  • Fabric lining.
  • Removable and foam embellished insole.
  • Sturdy full-length EVA midsole.
  • Sole with rubber inserts.
hoka one one clifton 8 review
                                                                       HOKA Clifton Review

EVA midsole used for HOKA ONE ONE Clifton shoes:

Comfort & Support:

HOKA has legacy as producer of best cushioning running shoe. And this shoe is surely on top of the list since the HOKA One One Clifton shoes release. With this on, you will feel like running on the cloud as I have experienced on several tests in last few months. When you compare Hoka Clifton 7 vs 8, this Clifton 8 actually has extra room on toe. This is nice on the downhill so runner’s can feel the toes are impacting the front of the shoes perfectly. So since the Hoka One One Clifton 8 released on market, HOKA company is enjoying some significant impact from the running shoe market.

Arch Support:

When runners have high arch and looking for great joint support, this could be the best running shoe. When you’re a big guy and have to put heavy weight on your feet on each stride, you may choose this running shoes for the next track without wasting a second thought. I have noticed that several big guys have given positive HOKA One One Clifton 8 reviews over Clifton 6 or Clifton 7 for consistent road running.

Men’s Clifton 8

Adding to HOKA Clifton review, I have found this HOKA Clifton running shoes as one of the best narrow feet and high arches running shoes, which are very much demanding these days. The rubber inserts on sole gives better grip to the runners.


Impressive no. of users(testers), around 90% agreed ‘true to size’ as I have found in different shoe forum reviews.

hoka clifton 8 women's review
        Hoka Clifton 8 women’s review


Durable rubber sole, resilient full length EVA midsole confirms better shoe life over other affordable running shoes. Durable rubber inserts on sole ensures longer run life of shoes. Still there are few curious minds who wants to know the answer for the below question on durability, let us see.

How many miles do HOKA shoes last?

As mentioned in the top, HOKA with results is actually required by the runners from HOKA running shoes. And this shoe can have 1 hour per day run, which can lead up to weekly 30/40 miles based on speed & consistency.

So when should you replace your running shoes? Or how long can HOKA shoes lasts? Most excellent running kicks ought to be supplanted somewhere in the range of 400 and 500 miles to keep away from wounds because of excessive shoe use. So around five to six months for somebody who runs 20 miles for each week, a running HOKA shoe should be supplanted. On the off chance that you have got it already, at that point for any Clifton, the lifetime is 20-40 miles per week with every day run, can be effortlessly determined.

hoka one clifton reviews
Clifton 8 Review

Considering above, this Hoka shoes Clifton are really intended to be lighter and quicker road running shoes, not for the toughness. Top running shoe brands like HOKA prescribe those time spans to change shoes, while the materials starts to weaken.

Once your old runners are spoiled up in miles after few months, it might be time to replace. You may replace with other best HOKA running shoes like this. Those will also last around 400/450 miles based on use.


You may think, are Hoka shoes worth the money? Normally good things are a bit pricey. So if you consider that issue, this shoe is a bit pricey one but definitely I will recommend this one over many. Consider that you are a big guy(or even a regular user). Initially you may think 200 around could be a ridiculous one for running shoes. But after using, you will find this is worthy enough as they are like walking on a foam pillow that you never tried before.

hoka clifton shoes

And I will add, the extra cushioning that Clifton 8 provides, will be great for your knees(even it’s not bad knees) and back. And this is recommended by several users directly. Also I have found same in my tests during this Clifton 8 review and while comparing results with HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota.

The EVA midsole absorbs shock on strides. This offers stability to the runners on trail. Foam padded insole confirm best cushioning on run & amazing feet support.

Specifications and Findings : Clifton 8

Recommended Terrain Road Running
Pronation type Neutral Running
Drop 5 mm
Heel height 29 mm
Forefoot height 24 mm
Weight (men) 250 g/8.8 oz
Weight (women) 215 g/7.6 oz
HOKA Clifton 8 Release Date 2021


Outsole Zonal Rubber, Flex Grooves
Midsole CMEVA, Meta Rocker Geometry, OrthoLite
Upper 100% Vegan Engineered Mesh


Softness (1-5) 4- Soft
Responsiveness (1-5) 3- Medium


Speed Slow, Moderate
Distance Mid, 10K, Half marathon, Long, Marathon
Workout Daily running

Reference: Hoka One One

Reason to Buy Clifton 8 Hoka:

The open engineered mesh construction will always ensure the breathable ultimate comfort for the regular runners. Lightweight mesh gusset will prevent tongue migration. Reinforced eye-stays will provide increased durability and the new vertical pool tab will give easy entry on your big feet. This early stage Meta-Rocker with fabric sole surely offers a smooth ride for you on trail.

The extra cushion helps to  reduce or cure chronic foot pain developed due to use of narrow feet & high arches running shoes . And you can jog where you could not before. So you can easily guess this is a great help for plantar fasciitis as well. My tests on several guys with fasciitis, supports it.


I found one recommendation from a Brooks guy. He’s happy with the greatness and the durability and the design of this Clifton 8. He also mentioned that this is half size smaller than the Brooks. So in case you’re a Brooks guy, you must keep that as a note while trying this. Recommended as narrow fit Hoka for nurses.

Key differences between Clifton 8 vs Bondi 7

1. Cushioning:

The Bondi 7 takes the lead when it comes to cushioning. It features a plush, maximum cushioning design that provides exceptional comfort, making it a great choice for longer runs or anyone seeking extra impact absorption. The Clifton 8, on the other hand, offers a softer but slightly less cushioned feel, perfect for those who prefer a more responsive ride.

clifton 8 vs bondi 7
Hoka Bondi 7 Men’s Review

2. Weight:

If you value lightweight footwear, the Clifton 8 might be your best bet. It is lighter than the Bondi 7, making it a popular choice for speedier runs and workouts. The Bondi 7, while slightly heavier, compensates with its superior cushioning, making it a solid option for runners prioritizing comfort over speed.

3. Durability:

Both models are built to last, but the Bondi 7 takes the edge in terms of durability. Its sturdy construction and reinforced upper make it better suited for regular use and high-mileage running. The Clifton 8, although durable, is designed with a focus on lightweight performance, so it might not withstand heavy wear and tear as well as the Bondi 7.

Hoka Bondi Men’s

4. Fit and Feel:

When it comes to fit, both shoes offer a snug and secure feel. However, the Clifton 8 has a slightly narrower toe box, which may not be ideal for runners with wider feet. On the other hand, the Bondi 7 provides a roomier fit that accommodates a variety of foot shapes. It’s always wise to try them on and see which shoe feels more comfortable for you.

differences between clifton 8 vs bondi 7
Hoka Bondi Women’s

5. Price:

Last but not least, let’s talk about the price tag. The Bondi 7 tends to be slightly more expensive than the Clifton 8. Keep in mind that the extra cost is justified by its premium cushioning and durability. If you’re on a budget, the Clifton 8 offers excellent value for money without compromising on performance.

In case you want to compare this with Ghost from Brooks, I will say this is much lighter. Even with the extra bit of cushion on them. You may be surprised and guess probably that they have compensated with less tread on the bottom. But my in depth research for Clifton 8 review says, you can assume that this will easily last around 400 miles tension free.

HOKA Clifton 8 Review : Conclusion

clifton 8 review

In summary, I must say few things for this HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 review. After several tests as found as great running shoe, there is a chance that you will repurchase it once done. This is due to great improvement from previous versions. In my different terrain tests during HOKA Clifton 8 review, it has ensured light feel soft cushioning for a smoother ride with a more comfortable fit than before. So after using, when you may even find more sweet spots, do not forget to share!


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