20 Best Hoka Running Shoes Review & Issues!

HOKA running shoes review

Despite that trend, what HOKA running shoes offered went absolutely against the trend since launch in 2009. HOKA ONE ONE known as the cushion king in HOKA running shoes amazon category. HOKA is established by two famous French trail runners Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard. Earlier analogous moderate running shoe trend was arriving at its pinnacle. Then these 2 have given a opposite punch from HOKA shoe outlet to the traditional concept and that is base for best HOKA running shoes. Their shoe innovation trend went successful and people are crazy for the answer, “which HOKA shoe is best for me?” these days..

The HOKA running shoes reviews is all about how the HOKA brand share similar roots. Yet planners refrain each model for unequivocal characteristics. Initially gathered to support convey with speeding forward, the new age of HOKA does that thus significantly additional. The 2 initiator actually offered a concept, maximalist shoe that supports and padded sprinters’ feet. Enlivened by the smooth ride gave by trail blazing bicycles and powder skis, both Mermoud and Diard wanted to carry a relative skimming feel to trail running. Both of them succeeded wonderfully with the plan. So now these shoes become famous in HOKA running shoes USA & Canada segment.

Best HOKA Running Shoes Review

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Hoka Running Shoes: Review the Challenge of Making

Before digging why people are even comparing same brand different models (such as HOKA Rincon vs Clifton), let us review HOKA running shoes Amazon introduction. The two French producers & trail runners Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard began by making HOKA shoe models themselves on Annecy, France firstly and finally they worked with a scientific professional at a Chinese footwear assembly company. Together these 3 took challenge to build up a completely fresh sort of EVA foam.

The target was to produce something that was mild and shockingly lightweight- features that are presently marks in original HOKA running shoes review. These days the HOKA ONE ONE headquarters is located on Goleta, California and the brand is owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

Primary discharges like the Mafate (known as Evo Mafate, Mafate Speed), Stinson ATR, Bondi confirmed that the HOKA design reasoning had merit to strike the runners. For sprinters, these shoes gave enough pad to mollify spiteful zone on trail and lift force. But best HOKA ONE ONE weren’t overwhelming to such an degree that those wearing them felt overloaded.

The initial shoe got on panel and HOKA has extended quickly from there to produce best quality athletic shoes. They served international these days from HOKA ONE ONE headquarters in Goleta, California and the factories in China & Vietnam, made both low-profile & max-cushion kicks for trail, road and all-terrain.

hoka shoe comparison chart

More on HOKA Good Running Shoes

Mermoud and Diard built up their best running shoes around a couple of essential standards. Their focus was on padding, exploiting weightless materials and making a wide rocker padded sole to maintain vitality. Finally make smoother strides on trail.

The shoes were primarily show cased to trail sprinters. The brand presently produces road running footwear & even track spikes for professional runners. Numerous different footwear makers have neglected EVA foam for their more current plans. But HOKA has stayed with its exclusive EVA-rubber mix. This mix is additional versatile (for improved help and vitality re-occurrence) and more strong (it can face higher mileage) than conservative EVA used to. The foam has changed by various names, including RMAT and R-Bound, nevertheless the hidden science is basically the equivalent.

The shoe HOKA Arahi 4’s J-Frame, which is the blond fragment of the outsole, adds better security to counter overpronation.

Watch a video on Hoka Running Shoes Canada:

Two important traits have been in almost in every shoes of HOKA. These traits are Meta-Rocker and Active Foot Frame. Meta-Rocker is a mixture of a low heel-toe drop and an attuned sole shape that supplements runner’s natural step and moves him/her forward. Another one known as Active Foot Frame is a padded sole that is extra profound in the shoe. They are  focusing and supporting foot, offering brilliant assistance in running trail.

HOKA’S Best Running Shoe’s New Features

Not with standing those fundamental shoe arrangement components, HOKA has rolled out other new tech. Lately PROFLYTM is a padding framework that combines delicate foam in the impact point (heel) with firmer foam in the forefoot. It first appeared on the Tracer and Clayton shoes in 2016. The two foams make a synchronization between stun ingestion and vitality return. So sprinters get an profligate vibe on landing and a snappier return at toe-off.

HOKA’s first shoes had created a major ruckus in market. The organization’s most recent experiment, the silly looking TenNine, exhibits again that limit pushing spirit hasn’t been lost. A more detail can be found on pros and cons of HOKA shoes review below. With its massive heel, this shoe is intended explicitly for running down steep slope. The extra froth absorbs knocks and the capacious sole gives amazing dependability. It’s a specialty item with an eye-popping sticker price. To know more, follow HOKA running shoes review.

HOKA Running Shoes Test & Assessment Methodology

If you are interested to know about best Hoka running shoes obtainable currently, check our testing process before going deep into HOKA shoes review. Here we have used our insight in running shoe section to identify the best significant kicks from this brand. We also intended to incorporate shoes for a widespread assortment of sprinters here.

In terms of working styles, we checked for everyone (road runners, trail runners, long runners etc.) here. Surely, an image and a passage do not justified to any shoe parity. some comprehensive complete Hoka testimonials for every single footwear is addressed here. Obviously you’ll discover inside and outside details of each lot of shoes, confirmed by our HOKA Running shoes Canada & USA testers, both.

Best HOKA Running Shoes Comparison Chart

Before going to any HOKA shoe outlet, in case you are quickly looking for, which Hoka shoe is best for running? You can find the answer from the below Hoka shoe comparison chart. Several Hoka best running shoes for men & women are listed along with other criteria resulted on our research. Multiple HOKA shoes are best for running but in different condition as we learned from HOKA One One Outlet, which are explained on detail section along with pros and cons of Hoka shoes. Also the difference between HOKA running shoes  Amazon are explained there.

SL HOKA BRAND Our Rating Latest Price Our ‘Reason to Buy’
1 Clifton 7 9/10 Men’s Women’s Best Daily Run Shoe
2 Bondi 6 9/10 Men’s
Most Cushioned Running Shoe
3 Arahi 4 9/10 Men’s
Best Stability Shoe
4 Speedgoat 4 8.5/10 Men’s
Best Long Trail Running Shoe
5 Rincon 2 8.5/10 Men’s
Best Value Shoe
6 Elevon 8.5/10 Men’s
Best Recovery Shoe
7 Mach 2 8/10 Men’s
Best for Long Run
8 Gaviota 2 9/10 Men’s
Best Shoe for Nurses, Planter Fasciitis, Long Day
9 Cavu 3 8.5/10 Men’s
Faster Running Shoe
10 Hupana 8/10 Men’s
Best Lightweight Faster Running Shoe

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HOKA Running Shoes Comparison Details

Check below 20 Hoka running shoes comparison along with HOKA running shoe’s Amazon release date.

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 7 – Best Daily Run Shoe

Hoka Running Shoes Amazon Released Date:

July 23, 2020


The HOKA Clifton 7 shoe that changed sprinters’ impression of what HOKA could be, the HOKA One One Men’s Clifton 2 running shoes successor is from the honor winning Clifton family. Expanding on the Clifton’s best-adored characteristics, this one keeps on conveying the ideal blend of delicate and lightweight like HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6. This every day sprinter is outfitted with an instinctive force tab at the heel for simple on-and-off. Discover more detail on HOKA ONE ONE Clifton Review.

Features & Design:

Quite a few new smart features for the runners who earlier loved HOKA One One Men’s Clifton 2 running shoes:

  • Rubber sole.
  • Open engineered mesh upper along with unified joins.
  • Textile lining.
  • Changeable and fluff embellished insole.
  • Strong long EVA midsole.
  • Resilient sole with rubber inserts.
Comfort & Support:

HOKA is known for best padding running shoe maker and this shoe is doubtlessly on head of the rundown with cloud running feel. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 7 like previous versions has additional room on toe. Sprinter’s can feel the toes are affecting the front of the shoes impeccably. Froth Padded insole affirm best padding on run and astonishing feet uphold.

Sprinters with high curve on feet searches for incredible joint help, this HOKA Clifton 7 could be the showing shoe. They can put hefty load on feet on each step without slightest hesitation just like HOKA One One Men’s Clifton 2 running shoes.

HOKA ONE ONE CLIFTON 6 WOMEN'SThe rubber additions on bottom gives better hold to the wide feet sprinters on track, means this functions similar as HOKA with wide toe box.

Guarantee the breathable extreme solace for the standard sprinters with open engineered mesh upper. Lightweight work gusset will forestall tongue movement. Fortified eye-stays will give expanded sturdiness and the new vertical pool tab will give simple section on your feet. This beginning phase Meta-Rocker with texture sole without a doubt offers a smooth ride on trail.

Fit Review:

Good no. of clients, around 90% (top) concurred ‘consistent with size’ and many of them are user of HOKA running shoes women!


Sturdy elastic sole, versatile full length EVA padded sole affirms better shoe life than moderate shoes & old version like HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 4. Sturdy elastic additions on sole guarantees longer run life of shoes, better than earlier version like HOKA One One Men’s Clifton 2 running shoes.


This shoe is somewhat expensive one. We suggest this one over many running shoes. Still people are crazy for this just like women’s HOKA Clifton 2 running shoes.

Reason to Buy (Pros):
  1. Good for big guys as subsequent to utilizing will discover this is commendable enough with cushion that you never attempted.
  2. The additional padding HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 7 gives, will be incredible for bad knees and back as suggested by our specialists on profound examination.
  3. Runners can undoubtedly figure this is an extraordinary assistance for plantar fasciitis also, which is tried on a few folks with fasciitis as noticed.
hoka clifton 6 saleCons:

One suggestion from a Brooks fellow, he’s content with the significance and the toughness and the plan of this HOKA Clifton 7 when he came on a HOKA Clifton 6 sale, yet referenced this is half size littler than the Brooks. Though he was a fan of women’s HOKA Clifton 2 running shoes earlier.

HOKA Bondi 6 – Most Cushioned Running Shoe

Hoka Running Shoes Amazon Released Date:

July 20, 2019


Ever thought, what are HOKA Bondi shoes good for? The most padded shoe from HOKA street running setup is HOKA Bondi 6, the game-changing impartial running shoe conveys smooth and adjusted ride certainly far. As a result, the latest Amazon HOKA Bondi 7 is already in market. Filled to the EVA padded sole froth, HOKA has planned the Bondi shoes good for most extreme pad just like top HOKA Bondi 4 running shoes. Despite the fact that creators gave the HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 a tremendous stack stature actually figured out how to hold the weight down for a delicate and light ride.

Features & Design:

Features that made HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 good for our list are:

  • Synthetic sole like market hit HOKA Bondi 4 running shoes.
  • Open engineered mesh construction
  • Internal heel counter, expected to be same in Amazon HOKA Bondi 7 as well.
  • Lycra comfort frame heel section
  • Redesigned rubber outsole found on our visit to HOKA shoe outlet.
  • Full-length compression molded EVA midsole
Comfort & Support:

HOKA Bondi 6 offers not only maximum cushion like market topper HOKA Bondi 4 running shoes, they are very locked-in fit with internal heel counter. With both narrow and wide feet, this is extremely comfortable as recommended by many users. Hope this clear the debating issue, which is better Hoka Clifton or Bondi? Hoka Bondi definitely gives better cushion than Hoka Clifton. And Hoka Clifton is a daily running shoe, where as Bondi can be used for multipurpose. So when you search for better between Hoka Clifton or Bondi, we have the answer here.

Mesh upper in Bondi 6 ensures breathable stride in hot & humid weather, gives super comfort like previous model, HOKA Bondi 4 running shoes. Meta-Rocker gives smooth ride on track and comfortable support guaranteed with lycra comfort frame heel. EVA midsole offers a smooth and balanced ride as a road shoe and we believe it will be same in the latest Amazon HOKA Bondi 7, which is already in HOKA shoe outlet.

hoka one one bondi 6 saleFit Review:

Almost 88% consumer says excellent fit means true to size on HOKA Bondi 6 Amazon. If you are looking for most cushioned running shoes for wide feet, they are also available.

Hoka bondi 7 Amazon
Amazon Hoka Bondi 7

The rubber outsole reduces weight on stride, increases shoe durability. Sloping heel intended for a smooth move and increased the shoe life on run, expecting better as released already on Amazon HOKA Bondi 7.


In case the size do not fit, you can return them as well as you did for HOKA Bondi 4 running shoes. About the price, it has been in the high end. But again, this is surely value for money. Keep open your eyes for HOKA ONE ONE bondi 6 sale as HOKA Bondi 7 is loaded in shelves.

Reason to Buy (Pros):
  1. HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 is long distance running shoes for various terrain.
  2. Offers most cushion that many runners have personally looked for many years.
  3. Worry less about potential injuries from striking hard, due to extra cushioning.
  4. It is lighter than other running shoes just like top market player HOKA Bondi 4 running shoes, which are used for half marathons.
  5. Wear and get away in any business meet or some religious informal meeting, purpose served.
  6. Wear this Hoka Bondi 6 good for walking, jogging, running or everything in between and the black one leads the pack.
hoka shoes near me Cons:

The design with a light gray color scheme disguises the thick sidewall cushion at the bottom of the shoe, making it look like a regular running shoe though special as ranked high in HOKA running shoes women category.

HOKA Arahi 4 –  Best Stability Shoe

Hoka Running Shoes Amazon Released Date:

June 19, 2020


One of HOKA’s notable security shoes, this release of the Arahi keeps on thinking outside the box with agreeable help. The HOKA Arahi 4 gives a ride that is smooth and strong yet at the same time organizes execution. This is the lightest HOKA stability shoe in the market for those who needs support on run for overpronation. Including our patent-forthcoming J-Frame™ solidness innovation, the Arahi 4 is light and smooth on each mile, which is very good as Hoka running shoes for overpronators.

Feature & Design

Amazing features of this ground breaking stability shoes are

  • Exposed & simplified rear upper
  • Updated upper offers structural support
  • Early stage Meta-Rocker
  • Firmer EVA J-Frame™
  • Zonal foam rubber placement
Comfort & Support:

When you’re looking for comfortable running shoes with adapted, smart cushioning HOKA Arahi 4 will lead the road, one of the ground breaking stability shoes as claimed by the manufacturer. A much supportive for runners, the HOKA running shoes for overpronators as noticed on our several test & recommended by mostly HOKA running shoes women users & doctors.

HOKA shoes for overpronationIt is one of the great shoes that HOKA has produced, durable sole with zonal rubber inserts for better grip is noticed on test. Updated upper designed for structural support and enough ventilation.

This Arahi continues to break the mold with relaxed support. This provides a ride that is supportive & smooth and prioritize the faster performance with lightweight support by using EVA J FrameTM, a stability technology by HOKA for support and agility on road in long run.

The flat-waisted geometry like it’s previous versions. If you compare this with Arahi 3 sole, design remain same  but better stability.

Less strip of outsole gives more spongy inner sole material instead. Exposed & simplified rear upper gives light feel on running. Early stage Meta-Rocker offers a smooth drive.

Fit Review

Around 95% consumer agrees fit that is ‘true to size’. Still if you want to look for some other options of Best HOKA ONE ONE running Shoes see later options instead of this HOKA running shoes for overpronators.


This is more of stability shoes with feature like zonal rubber placement on sole for better durability on shoe life.


This HOKA running shoes for overpronators is high end running shoe in both HOKA running shoes women & men category.

Reason to Buy (Pros):
  1. In case you are a runner who usually puts 15 miles on a week this shoe is the right one for you.
  2. You can compare this HOKA with New Balance and Mizuno you’ll see the difference is much smaller. HOKA is more lighter and comfortable and very easy to run.
  3. They’re engineered with higher arch in case you have a flatter arch, HOKA Arahi 4 will give you more up to your foot shape.
  4. Great HOKA running shoes women as recommended by several nurses and those who want to use for all day work. Also known for HOKA running shoes for overpronators.
  5. Several users have used like Skechers walking shoes and those who are looking, HOKA shoes for bunions or have wide toe box issues, recommended improve of feet condition after using regularly for a week.
hoka running shoes review Cons:
  1. HOKA with wide toe box? No, but gets wide after use, so a fit size is recommended for buying.
  2. Recommending for road rather trail in HOKA running shoes women category.

HOKA Speedgoat 4 – Best Long Trail Running Shoe

Hoka Running Shoes Amazon Released Date:

March 19, 2020

Features & Design:
  • Modernized mesh upper
  • 3D printed overlays
  • Midsole lightweight foam
  • Broader forefoot
  • Vibram® Megagrip rubber outsole
  • 5mm “stepped” lugs
  • Zonal rubber placement
  • Gusseted tongue sorts strategic patterns
  • Lacing eye-rows with a lesser aerial section

Speedgoat model is named by HOKA’s athlete Karl Speedgoat Meltzer. This running shoe is quite of an honor dazzling family, known for building expedient work of specialized landscape. With included all the more obliging fit in the toe box for a more agreeable ride, grippy on tough and secure on downhill. This Speedgoat 4, HOKA running shoes review in runner’s world is astonishing on each trail.

Comfort & Support:

HOKA Speedgoat 4 consist off breathable mesh upper for hot & humid weather. The seamless amazing 3D printed synthetic overlays take care of midfoot while lockdown for more secure feel on running. Breathable textile lining for abrasion-free wear and removable foam padded insole for extra cushioning and support for every runner are found on this shoe. Very comfortable and the truth will exceed your expectation, as it seems you feel floating on trail once you put these on.

hoka running shoes review runners world

The resilient full length EVA foam midsole is very much lightweight and supports to captivate shock and offers steadiness while running longer. Special feature of this running shoe is durable Vibram megagrip sole with 5 mm stepped rubber lugs. This ensures amazing grip on track specially on heavy wet or dry condition. Very much grippy on the uphill but special secure on the downhill makes this HOKA Speedgoat 4 best on every trail for the runners.

Fit Review:

HOKA Speedgoat 4 has more cooperative fit with boarder forefoot for a more comfortable ride as mentioned by the manufacturer.


Spectacular design with innovative zonal rubber placement for support & comparative durability. 5 mm stepped rubber lugs makes durable such as good on mountain racing.


High end running shoe.

Reason to Buy (Pros):
  1. Verbatim mega grip sole for extra durability & amazing grip.
  2. This shoe can be used for both mountain racing or easy walking.

More grippy means less responsive compare to other HOKA shoes.

HOKA ONE ONE Rincon 2 Review – Best Value Shoe

Hoka Running Shoes Amazon Released Date:

23 July 2020


Animated by the progressions of the world-observed Rincon surf perceive, now a days HOKA ONE ONE Rincon 2 is effectively a best-class contender, so users are searching more details on HOKA Rincon vs Clifton. By moving from single-layer work to refined and planned work on

Rincon 2, HOKA made sprinters ‘feel better’ once more. This running monster gives a quick lift that is ready for instructional gatherings or race day. Fundamentally, it’s brisk, see details on HOKA Rincon Review below.

Features & Design:

Few similarities with HOKA Clifton 6 vs Rincon

  • Engineered sandwich mesh upper
  • Full-compression EVA midsole
  • Revised early-stage Meta-Rocker
  • Thin tongue package
  • Highlighted heel pull tab
  • Full ground contact design
  • Deliberate high-abrasion rubber sectors
Comfort & Support

With HOKA Rincon 2, the feel is going to be like riding the waves of the world famous surf sport as addressed by the manufacturer in product description. As HOKA ONE ONE known for best cushioning, Rincon running shoes provides same balanced and connected ride with modest cushioning. The design is very unique like it has heel to toe drop 5mm along with engineered sandwiched mesh upper for more lightweight & ventilation.

hoka rincon vs cliftonThe padded collar with heel-pull tab in HOKA Rincon 2 confirms easy feet entry and slim tongue used for less weight on feet. The traditional lace closer ensures good balance on road. EVA midsole’s full compression gives better responsiveness on road. Along with revised early stage Meta-Rocker, this shoe can create fulcrum effect of smoother transition from heel strike to toe off. Full ground contact design with high abrasion rubber zones strategically placed on sole to give a lighter feel on a stable ride.

Fit Review

Different sizes are available for narrow feet to wide feet on HOKA Rincon UK. This amazing shoe can be in best seller category soon with 80% of customer satisfaction.


HOKA Rincon reviewing for roughly 300 miles as researched by our testers.


Very affordable compare to other HOKA best running shoes.

Reason to Buy (Pros):
  1. Updated Meta-Rocker permits rapid acceleration on track, best speed work shoe.
  2. Improved better cushioning & durability in this version than predecessor HOKA ONE ONE Rincon, which had some issues.
  3. HOKA Rincon reviewed as 5K running shoe.
hoka clifton 6 vs rinconCons:
  1. Less breathable & compare to predecessor Rincon.
  2. Not a wide feet running shoe.
  3. If you have heavy weight, go for HOKA Clifton 6 review.

HOKA Elevon Review – Best Recovery Shoe

Hoka Running Shoes Amazon Released Date:

21 February 2019


Another new release from HOKA ONE ONE is for long & road running. This is available in different colors and already got attention by the sprinters. With the mark HOKA ONE ONE® blend of too lightweight padded sole and foot-supporting pad, it offers a squashy, finest ride. In case you are searching for little more than smooth miles ahead, this shoe is ready for you on next chase.

Features & Design                                                                         
  • Lightweight, exposed plotted mesh.
  • Expanded tongue in beautiful design.
  • Primary stage Meta-Rocker.
  • PROFLY™ top layer and high rebound injection bottom frame.
  • TPU stabilizing cup in heel.
  • Zonal rubber placement.
Comfort & Support

Beautiful design, very lightweight, extra cushioning HOKA for running long distances like marathons & half marathons. Lightweight, comfortable fit & finest ventilation are ensured by open engineered mesh. Padded tongue gives extra comfort in longer running, user will definitely love the softening on the shoe. High bounce injection bottom structure along with PROFLYTM top layer are for fantastic suspension construction on long road.

hoka plantar fasciitisHigh quality materials like Meta-Rocker, PROFLYTM top layer, which will give any user the feel of similar brand shoes. Which HOKA is best for planter fasciitis? Elevon with early phase Meta-Rocker gives great foot support, heel to toe transition and a smooth ride. This Evelon, HOKA running shoe is perfect for someone struggling with planter fasciitis as recommended by several GP. There are also certain other foot health benefits as mentioned by several user who have common foot problems like planter fasciitis, neuropathic pain etc.

One interesting review recently found with foot problems, which we want to summarize ,about this Elevon HOKA. One of the consumer got back from cruise, he was having problem with walking. Then doctor recommended Elevon. The cushioning and comfort is such that he regularly visits HOKA shoe outlet for updates. He said that in case you have neuropathic pain in your feet from diabetes, these are the shoes that made him walking and feel comfortable. Certainly a great HOKA shoe for those who have foot problems.

Fit Review

This shoes is intended for a mishmash of PROpulsion, PROtection and support and over 80% of the users have recommended true to size on HOKA Elevon Amazon.


TPU calming cup fixed in heel for better support and constancy. Regional rubber placement for extra durability gives this shoe a better chance over others.


High end running shoe for extra support on long road running.

Reason to Buy (Pros):
  1. Best HOKA for running long distance, will be useful for marathon & half marathon.
  2. Highly recommended by our testers for those who never used HOKA for amazing cushioning & support.
  3. Mizuno lovers recommended HOKA Elevon over Mizuno after they have used it and because of better softening.
  4. Best HOKA for common foot problems like planter fasciitis, neuropathic pain from diabetes.
hoka elevon amazonCons:

Just a note some of the users have said that is bit narrower. So while buying you can go for half size up and that will fit perfectly if you have a wide toe box.  The only negative thing we have found from this is it is a bit narrow in the toe side compared to other HOKA running shoes.

HOKA Mach 2 Review- Best For Long Run

Hoka Running Shoes Amazon Released Date:

26 February 2019


The Mach 2 model keeps on conveying the HOKA ONE ONE® triplet of advantages for the runners: most extreme pad and super responsiveness in a shockingly frivolous bundle. This neutral running shoe with its PROFLY™ midsole, this up tempo footwear additionally has a built, breathable work upper for an pleasant fit. Quick and responsive, light and padded, this shoe is primed to race.

Features & Design
  • Lightweight, exposed engineered mesh
  • Frivolous, structured & breathable tongue
  • Perforations across midfoot and forefoot
  • PROFLY™ outsole
  • Rubberized foam outsole
  • First stage Meta-Rocker
Comfort & Support

Newly launched HOKA ONE ONE running footwear, Mach 2 is a mixture of benefits like supreme cushion and inordinate responsiveness, in a unpredictably frivolous package. The Mach 2 midsole customs with springy PROFLYTM outsole and Meta-Rocker for an even & responsive drive. The outsole ensures cushion landing and propulsive toe off on each stride. It also has rubberized foam outsole, which delivers dense grip in all-out conditions, soft ground contact & this is extremely lightweight.

which hoka shoe is best for meThis up tempo shoe has open structured mesh upper(lightweight) for any sprinters to run on free. Mesh upper deals amazing comfortable fit & ventilation. The perforations on the mesh upper also gives ventilation through mid-foot and forefoot. Amazing design kept the HOKA legacy on along with synthetic sole and lightweight regulated breathable tongue. Enough ventilation ensured on run on this Mach 2 HOKA running shoes, so the runner feel minimum sweaty issues on long track. An amazing shoe for running long distance.

Fit Review

We recommend half size down when you buy as it’s bit large than others as found in our tests. You may need to use compression socks for better fit.


No durability issues noticed.


High end long run shoe.

Reason to Buy (Pros):
  1. Designed to provide the provision that runner want, symmetrical cushion without extra technologies.
  2. Low profile cushion bed designed to keep foot closer to the ground, the firmer material provides an EFFICIENT push –off, great responsiveness confirmed on trail.
  3. Updated Clayton version (same owner HOKA) with equal responsiveness as Clayton.
  4. Perfect in case you need wider heel.
  5. Replacing Brooks after using this, user said so.
  6. Great model for both walking & running long distance.
hoka mach 2Cons:
  1. Pretty sharp tongue.
  2. Compression socks recommended as wider heel.

HOKA Gaviota 2 Review – Best Support Shoes for Nurses, Planter Fasciitis

Hoka Running Shoes Amazon Released Date:

26 March 2020


Any skilled runner may search running shoes, which healthier than outdated support shoes in HOKA shoe comparison chart. Considering that HOKA has developed one lately known as Gaviota 2, a stability shoe equate to support shoes. Unbeatable cushion alongside the HOKA ® J-Frame™, this HOKA stability shoe will manage your foot without the misuse of inflexible and demanding resources.

Features & Design 
  • Open wangled mesh for lightweight & better relief.
  • Arch-lock wings offer backing.
  • Molded Ortholite sockliner
  • Up-to-date Meta-Rocker for steadiness
  • J-Frame™ by rubberized foam
  • Territorial rubber settlement for better strength
  • Reasonable resole bevel for better heel transition
Comfort & Support

This shoe is made like breathable mesh upper with consistent engineered overlays, implies lightweight than other substantial running shoes. For scraped spot free wear, HOKA Gaviota 2 has breathable textile lining for better fit. Curve lock wings bargain mid foot security. Removable froth cushioning given for better padding and backing to the sprinter on each step.hoka for planter fasciitis

The J-Frame cushioned sole incorporated, which is better known for dynamic security. This piece of elastic treated material helps every sprinter with constancy and ricochet back.

The HOKA Gaviota 2’s sensible heel incline will bear the cost of smooth heel move. Strong Eva padded sole retains stun and give better strength. Strong sole with elastic supplements will give better grasp while on street. Refreshed Meta-Rocker used to deliver extra efforts & smooth toe-off.

Fit Review

This shoe is not too stiff, or not too squishy but just right with almost 90% true to fit response. For more details check HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota review.


Durable sole with latex additions will give improved hold of the runner. Robust EVA midsole captivates blow on all-terrain, even for for heavy runners. Flat-waist geometry will confirm inborn constancy on road/trail.


High end stability running shoes with several health benefits, can be used for standing all day long, bunions correcting shoes, HOKA for planter fasciitis etc.

Reason to Buy (Pros):
  1. The bushier sole of HOKA Gaviota 2 running shoe enhances support and coziness.
  2. Orthotics recommended HOKA shoes for planter fasciitis, bunions correcting shoes.
  3. Regular runners with heavy foot or back pain related issues can find it helpful.
  4. The HOKA shoes good for nurses, bartenders, long walk or standing all day.

HOKA shoes good for nurses


The construction is bit narrower. So, half size bigger order is recommended.

HOKA Cavu 3 Review – Faster Running Shoe

Hoka Running Shoes Amazon USA Released Date:

10 July 2019


HOKA Cavu 3 contests other running shoes what’s conceivable with frivolous cushion. Perhaps the lightest HOKA trainers, the Cavu 3 running shoe highlights a flawlessly sized stretch weave upper that gives a multipurpose fit and sheltered feel. A running shoe that feels steady in the workout center and is rapid enough for brisk business, the shoe is an agile, conservative trainer.

Features & Design
  • Adaptive stretch weave upper, accommodating fit
  • Upper features a tongue-less construction
  • Territorial perforations within organized sections, ventilation
  • Fine-tuned rocker shape HOKA event shoes.
  • Top layer PROFLYTM midsole
  • Active Foot Frame in the midsole
  • Rubberized EVA outsole
  • Updated EVA midsole on HOKA trainers
 Comfort & Support

The third generation HOKA trainers Cavu 3 is a versatile running shoe. Some may find it similar to HOKA Mach, it features PROFLYTM midsole but Cavu 3 is much lighter and a bit lower than Mach as declared by the manufacturer. As the PROFLYTM midsole is made with rubberized fluff, which is lighter, more responsive, user can run faster in Cavu 3 as tested. Due to rubberized foam, landing becomes much forgiving on track in Cavu3, making it one of the best running shoes men 2020.best running shoes for men 2021

This Cavu 3 has seamless stretched mesh upper and delivers a very comfortable ride along with accommodating fit & lightweight feel like other HOKA sprinting footwear. Territorial perforations within organized sections provides more ventilation & comfort on track, means good for longer running. The Knit upper has tongue-less building, that ensures comfort.

Just like other HOKA running shoes the Cavu 3 seems a top notch in our tests with latest Meta-Rocker for a better ride. Active Foot Frame gives more support in midsole while landing & toe-off. EVA midsole confirms comfort, EVA outsole provides better cushioning.

Fit Review

From extra extra narrow to extra, extra wide, all versions are available on this third generation of Cavu 3, which just launched recently from the amazing HOKA family.


Our testers have checked the responsiveness, durability, cushioning and found it good enough to be selected for this HOKA running shoes reviews. PROFLYTM midsole confirm more durability than normal running shoes along with durable rubberized EVA outsole.


Considering other HOKA models, this is also mid end running shoe.  And we believe this is going to be very much famous among runners who are looking for best quality running shoes.

Reason to Buy (Pros):
  1. Amazing design with color variations.
  2. Very lightweight means faster road runners than others.
  3. Good feel in midfoot heal.
  4. Better responsiveness & cushioning with updated technological advantages.
  5. Our personal recommendation for casual running, walking & day long work.

hoka cavu


Casual stiffness noticed on mid upper on initial use in our HOKA running shoes USA trial.

HOKA Hupana Review – Lightweight Faster Running Shoe

Hoka Running Shoes Amazon Released Date:

23 January 2017


Titled for the Maori term for “spring back,” the HUPANA’s responsiveness-because of its full RMAT padded sole and outsole-causes a buzz of hovering simply over the ground. From rush to exercise to going around town, this light-footed minimal number highlights the eminent HOKA pad feel, and the responsive and frivolous full RMAT padded sole and outsole gives an brilliant mix of strength and responsiveness.

Features & Design
  • Engineered knit upper with clean aesthetic.
  • Open knit construction across the midfoot and forefoot
  • Double eyelets
  • Balanced Meta-Rocker with versatility
  • Rubberized foam midsole & outsole
Comfort & Support

HOKA is well known for maximum cushioning focused brand, Hupana is not out of the domain. This is fabric rubber upper with lace up design running sneaker. This is designed with supreme lightweight materials for everyday running by the runners while they will get excellent responsiveness on each stride. Open knit upper confirms air passing on midfoot & forefoot along with better fit.

hoka one one saleThe lace with double eyelets provides zero distraction while you are on move. The lightly padded tongue with hidden color enhance more comfort on each stride. Interestingly, it has flat laces, which reduce irritation as we found in our testing.

The full RMAT midsole & outsole provides better responsiveness & cushioning on road. It has almost full ground contract design & Meta-Rocker, which offers a more stable feel compared to other brands. High abrasion rubber zones and that placement of rubber gives better traction & flexibility as noticed by our testers.

Fit Review

This one is already noticed in recent HOKA ONE ONE sale. Especially with its fitness, majority of the users have recommended this is fit to size.


The full RMAT midsole & outsole adds better durability to the shoe.


Mid range best running shoes for the money.

Reason to Buy (Pros):
  1. More like Nike running shoes. The design may not be as good as other HOKA brands. But you will definitely love the fit and will be happy with the purchase.
  2. You can use this for road running, casual walking or in treadmill running. Even use as all day long comfortable walking shoes.
best running shoesCons:

Users have recommended that the more you use it, it will become more comfortable, which is initially a bit harder as found by some users.

Hupana has a narrow toe box. So, this may not be the right one for wide feet users. But again, it has extra wide version. And in case you have a wider feet, you may go for half size up.

Best HOKA Shoes Review Selection

We gathered information from customers reviews, checked original site for details & done genuine wear testing to decide on the HOKA best running shoes for most type of runs, tracks and sprinters. Pros and Cons of HOKA shoes are addressed on HOKA shoe comparison chart, which will help if you have any query like, which hoka shoe is best for me? Or best Hoka Women’s running shoes Amazon? Or even Hoka running shoes for overpronators?

Before deciding on where to buy HOKA shoes near me, you have trust on our HOKA running shoes review. Furthermore, with our value driven research on HOKA running shoes in USA & Canada track & trail, we can ensure you never pay a lot for another pair of best HOKA running shoes!


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