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HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota Review : Standing all day shoe?

I assume you’re a professional runner and you’re regular on track. In case I am right, then you need something which will be better than traditional support shoes while running. The new HOKA has been released while, known as HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota, review follows.


Gaviota 2 review, many customers loved as a stability shoe compare to outdated support shoes to at last jiggle off the limitations on running shoes. Since launched recently, consumers have already checked these Gaviota 2 running shoes and I got some impressive points through deep research.

hoka one one gaviota review

HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2 Review

Release Date:

March 2020


The HOKA Gaviota 2 permits sprinters probing for a dependability shoe to finally jiggle off the tightening influences of conventional support kicks. An exceptional steadiness shoe, the Gaviota 2 highlights unrivaled padding alongside the J-Frame™ plan by HOKA ONE ONE®.

hoka gaviota review
                              HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2 review

The HOKA J-Frame™, conveys support and safety and manage foot without the exploitation of inflexible and unforgiving resources. The upper mesh additionally deals unrivaled ventilation during each run. Ultimately the HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2 gives you perpetual help for incalculable miles as we have found while digging deep for HOKA Gaviota 2 review.

Features & Design

  • Lightweight (like STQ shoes), open wangled mesh for better comfort.
  • Arch-lock annexes offer support on run.
  • Molded Ortholite sockliner for better fit
  • J-Frame™ by rubberized foam for rebound and durability
  • Reasonable heel bevel offers better heel transition
  • Latest Meta-Rocker for stability
  • Zonal rubber placement for better strength

Comfort & Support

This shoe is manufactured like breathable mesh upper with seamless synthetic overlays, means lightweight (like best freerunning shoes) than other heavy running shoes. For abrasion free wear, it has breathable textile lining for precise fit.  Arch-latch wings compromise mid foot stability and sustenance. Removable foam padding given for better cushioning & support to the runner on each stride.

The J-Frame padded sole, known for dynamic stability from the producer, used on HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2 men’s & women’s. The J-Frame circumvents the outskirt of the shoe like the letter J from English letter set. The edge starts under huge toe and finishes underneath the lower part of external heel on Gaviota 2. This bit of rubber treated material helps sprinter with dependability and bounce back, which makes Gaviota 2 an ideal shoe for neutral runners and makes it best stability running shoes for overpronation.

The Gaviota 2’s reasonable heel bevel will afford smooth heel move. Durable Eva midsole absorbs shock & give better stability. Durable sole with rubber inserts will give better grip while on road. Updated Meta-Rocker planned for additional permanence and smooth toe-off.

Watch a video on HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota men’s & women’s footwear technology:

Fit Review

This shoe is just right, not too stiff, or not too squishy like other Hoka running shoes. The support is medium on this and the wide outer sole makes it one of the best shoes for wide feet running while it feels much more stable when compare as HOKA Gaviota 2 vs Brooks Adrenaline. It can be considered as one of the best running shoes from overpronation.


Resilient Eva midsole on both HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2 women’s & men’s, absorbs shock on track & will give better stability for heavy runners. Heavy-duty sole with rubber inserts will give better hold while on road. Flat-waist geometry will ensure inborn stability.


Exclusive HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2 men’s & women’s running shoes.

HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2 reveiw
HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2 Women’s
HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2 men’s

Reasons to Buy HOKA Gaviota

The thicker sole of Gaviota 2 adds support and comfort for the users. You may not need any orthotics as recommended on user experiences. One of user has several foot conditions(like planter fasciitis) who loves to walk a lot and he’s not comfortable with the pair of regular running shoes. With recommendation from doctor, user noticed that other users have tried these Gaviota 2 running shoes and they are very happy with the comfortableness that it has. You can easily guess, what he had done then.

This shoe is getting more attention these days so we have picked this one specially for those who have issues with foot like planter fasciitis, bunions. But again, if you have a wider feet as the toolbox is narrower on this than regular running shoes, you may consider to buy half size bigger.

In case you have plantar fasciitis you will find these shoes very much comfortable considering regular running shoes. Regular runners can find it helpful in case they heavy foot or back pain related issues. This can be used as Parkour shoes even. In my research , repurchase is noticed from customer’s end.

Are hoka shoes good for nurses?

Several nurses have recommended this Gaviota 2 HOKA shoes and I have tested with 60 plus individuals. They are very happy with the comfort for day long use. Also I have tested this shoe for all day long standing and the result is pretty good. With crazy comfy feel and good stability, this shoe provides credibility to your feet and the light feeling on the top of your foot makes it a good one for the nurses. Even if you need to go for a long walk, or need to work for standing all day long my testers have high recommendation for this stability shoe compare to Brooks Adrenaline or even other HOKA shoes.

You can also use this Gaviota 2 as walking shoes. It has different colors and as it has black one, you can use it in your workplace as well. In terms of comfortable stuff, this is actually same like other HOKA running shoes and true to fit. So anyone who wants a shoe with comfortable fit & amazing cushion, HOKA Gaviota 2 can be a good fit for them like nurses, servers & bartenders.


Is HOKA Gaviota 2 Wide? The construction that has been offered on this HOKA Gaviota 2 than Bondi & Clifton models, is bit narrower. So, when you place an order, considered to order half size bigger for regular feet.

If you want to know about is HOKA Gaviota 2 wide or not, answer is NO. Still it is considered as one of the best stability running shoes for overpronators. I personally  believe the issue will be sorted in HOKA Gaviota 3.

HOKA Gaviota 2 Review : Final Talk

Though Gaviota 2 is from HOKA and considered as a premium stability running shoe, but I say it is something in between a running shoe and walking shoe. So it can be easily used as dependable walking shoe on days off. In case you have a regular shoe size, let me know how do you find once you try based on this HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota review, a shoe highly recommended for overpronation.


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