Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes Review : Win Your Investment!

If you’re partial to golf, chances are that you’ve already taken notice of the Roshe G Golf Shoes from Nike. These captivating shoes boast a plethora of impressive features, making them an ideal choice for many golf enthusiast. So decided to check for Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes review.

By the way, are Nike Roshe golf shoes Waterproof? Check the comfort section below for the answer.

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes Review and Verdict

Let’s take a look at some of its most compelling features and discover why this model is such a must-have! The Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes are built to provide unparalleled comfort and support. With a soft foam midsole and a durable outsole, these shoes offer excellent traction on any surface. Plus, the breathable mesh upper ensures that your feet stay cool and dry even on the hottest of days.

Product Comparison with others:

1. Available sizes: US 7 to 15.

2. Available colors: Black/White, White/Black, Midnight Navy/White

3. Sole: Phylon foam and pressure-mapped outsole.

4. Waterproof: Yes.

nike roshe g golf shoes review

Design & Comfort: 4.5/5

If you’re an avid golfer, then there’s no doubt that you’ve experienced the allure of golf shoes with a stitched upper option. Nike’s Roshe G Golf Shoes incorporate this design into their stylishly simple yet sophisticated blue and white color scheme.

nike white golf shoes

For me, one of the most captivating aspects of these model was the striking blues that contrasted against the plush suede overlays. This is accented by perforations along the midsole. This juxtaposition creates a beguiling contrast between sleek lines and visual texture. That also evoking an airy feel imbued within each step taken on the course – perfect!

There is ample padding throughout, including insole and heel counter areas which provide adequate cushioning for long periods on foot without sacrificing comfort. Moreover, I must commend Nike for providing a conforming fit across the forefoot which even allows for customization if necessary. Finally waterproof technology makes it most loved & comfortable spikeless golf shoes among both men and women.

Fit: 4/5

If you’re picky about fit, then the Nike Roshe G has you covered. They boast a low-cut design that accommodates your heel while also ensuring an unrestricted range of motion when it comes to walking or running.

For truly outstanding comfort and ease of use as I go for Nike Roshe Golf Shoes Review, I give these shoes four-plus stars! From its no-slip traction patterning to preselected sizes for convenience – this combination makes for an ideal pair of kicks for any occasion!

In addition to the exceptional fit, Nike achieved another notable milestone as I was able to comfortably wear them all day long without experiencing any blisters or discomfort whatsoever.

Durability: 4/5

Here, we find a pair of Nike Roshe G versions of our trusty clog trainers. The design is identical to the other version, but this configuration sports an additional sole plate for optimal traction on different surfaces.

Despite taking a few hikes with my Roshes, I have encountered no problems with wear and tear. All soles have remained intact without any sign of giving out on me despite plenty of recent use – impressive!

Construction is solid, but it could stand some refinement in terms of stitching quality, making it slightly less durable than its predecessor. Despite its light weight, durability was still outstanding; not only did they all remain intact during regular use without fail; but additionally remained so even when subjected to vigorous hiking expeditions!

I am satisfied with these yet again!

Price: 5/5

At $70 USD, these Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes are definitely affordable. That price tag makes them an enticing option for golfers on a budget; however, it’s still attainable if they want to invest in their game.

The upper alone retails for approximately $60-$75, while the per pair cost of the inner sole and outsole varies between small- and large-scale manufacturers. For reference purposes, let’s consider that one pair of Nike Roshe Gs will likely run around $80-$100 USD before customization options like color schemes come into play – all within a reasonable range!

Not only do these trendy golf shoes provide outstanding value for money, but they also offer superb quality and craftsmanship.

Traction: 4.5/5

With its penchant for rolling out across a slew of terrain, it’s no wonder that the Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes are an ideal choice for casual wear.

nike black golf shoes

We found very little to critique with regards to traction; nothing extraordinary or noteworthy yet still providing ample support and confidence on any surface. After all, this is an unsurprising advantage when compared against its competitors – such as the V kicks and Saucony Kinvara – which both provide their adherents with increased levels of security while traversing challenging terrains.

Total score: 22/25

A captivating design and impeccable comfort have made this Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes a favourite for many golfers.

I was particularly wowed by the ROSHE G’s striking look: of all my journeyman shoes, it’s by far the cutest as well as being my favorite. The choice of color palate is outstanding, with each model boasting its own distinct shade that lends itself perfectly to their respective looks; conversely, the consistent monochromatic scheme across all models makes them both visually appealing and instantly recognizable at a glance.

nike roshe g reviews

The plush cushioned uppers are punctuated by an eclectic assortment of colors, showcasing an exciting array of hues in keeping with the sneakers’ aesthetic.

Nike has crafted a revved-up version of the popular Roshe cushioning system. This formidable amalgamation features increased shock absorption and enhanced responsiveness thanks to an optimal blend of materials within it – providing ultimate comfort during jaunts on the links!


For those who are searching for a pair of golf shoes that provide the utmost in comfort while providing support and stability, look no further than the Nike Roshe G.

The Roshe G provides a luxurious feel with its upper crafted from suede in a velvety texture. The moment you put these on, you’ll notice just how soft this material feels – reminiscent of walking barefoot!

Cons & Solutions

If you are a frequent golfer who prefers to wear minimalist shoes like the nike roshe g, it would be wise to take note of the lack of arch support offered by this design. If your heels tend to ache from time to time, then these could prove problematic – however don’t let this deter you from purchasing them!

With proper orthotics and foot alignment, these sneakers can become quite accommodating; just ensure that you choose an appropriate size accordingly. Alternatively; if one is up for customization over standard sizing requirements, you may select between Nike’s range of sizes as well as NikeFlyknit models designed specifically for women.

Numerous consumers have voiced concerns regarding sole wear after only two or three rounds of golf. However, if your footwear can withstand multiple outings without showing any signs of deterioration while providing reliable cushioning and shock absorption- it should prove worthy of its long lifespan.

Test Summary

I am a casual golfer who typically prefers to play from the middle of the greens. So I found this design to be quite appropriate. The Roshe G has an extremely comfortable fit and proved easy to maneuver around my home course. Both in terms of addressing distance and navigating potential hazards on the golf course, I recommend this.

The sole unit sits atop a flexible impermeable sock. This eliminates perspiration on the footbed, creating a conducive environment for your feet. It makes keeping them cool during those summery rounds out at the links!

As far as durability is concerned, this pair appears quite sturdy. I noticed that they had minimal wear after only five outings on my local putting green.

Nike Golf Roshe G Shoes : Verdict

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes is the combination of comfort, style, and performance. These shoes are designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support, with a soft foam midsole, durable outsole, and breathable mesh upper. They are also available in a range of colors and designs. This making Nike Golf Roshe G shoes both stylish and functional.

Additionally, the Nike Roshe golf shoes have waterproof feature, which ensures that your feet stay dry even on wet courses. Overall, the Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes are an excellent choice for golf enthusiasts looking for comfortable, high-performing and stylish shoes.

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe Review: Conclusion

With the Roshe G Golf shoes, you can simultaneously strike a pose and conquer your golf game. This sleek, minimal style is ideal for golfers who seek a refined look with supreme performance capabilities. Here ends the show, Nike Roshe G golf shoes review. Let me know your thoughts after using. Thanks!


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