Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes Review : The Game Changer

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes are ideal for golfers who demand precision, accuracy and superior ball-stopping power. These shoes provide outstanding lateral movement allowing players to effortlessly execute their shots. My Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes review focused on the offering enhanced stability through its cushioned midsole component.

Hourglass-shaped grooves along the forefoot enhance flexibility and adaptability during on-course play. Additionally, a multi-density midsole provides all-day comfort. Also the cushioning, whether you’re striking down the fairway or racking up putts from afar is amazing

If you aspire to become a champion golfer, then don’t delay! Get yourself an elite set of apparel the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes to help you reach your aspirations.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes Review

Are you searching for the most effective Nike golf shoes? Check out this comprehensive review of the Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes!

Design: 9/10

At first glance, the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes may appear simplistic in design. But upon closer inspection you will discover a plethora of attention-grabbing details.

nike air zoom infinity tour golf shoes review
                                                             Nike air zoom infinity tour review

The shoe boasts an extraordinary mix of shades that are both subtle and eye-catching. Accompanied by bold swooshes gracing, its upper along with white accenting the laces and tongue – adding a subtle yet sophisticated touch to this model.

A sleek profile comprising of premium leather uppers provides durable durability. This provides incomparable comfort that only comes from genuine leather of best golf shoes Nike. It’s truly a joy for feet!

Comfort: 8.5/10

As with all Nike products, the Infinity Tour Golf Shoes offer supreme comfort just like Nike 270 golf shoes.

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The lining is one of the most comfortable I’ve experienced. Best is the long-lasting Max Air cushioning, which provides ample shock absorption and rigidity.

This pair of shoes has been my go-to pair for golf over the past two weeks. Despite being lightweight, they are extremely accommodating – particularly during longer rounds. Even though they may seem a bit snug at first glance – they’re much more spacious than sneakers! This allows one to maximize their stride without any hindrance whatsoever

nike air zoom infinity tour review
      Nike air zoom infinity tour review

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Performance: 8.5/10

When I say that the Nike Air Zoom Infinity has a high-performance outsole, I don’t just mean its ability to grip; these soles can provide a whole new experience for golfers, who can exploit their versatility in an attempt to conquer all types of surfaces.

To begin with, it features a solid rubber compound which does not sacrifice grip – even on wet and muddy surfaces! Furthermore, this high-tech sole is also highly resistant to wear even after months of intensive use.

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes have a versatile performance across various terrains. For example; thanks to its exceptional traction on soft ground and ease of transition across artificial courses such as mats – they are ideal when playing in restricted spaces without sacrificing stability either!

Durability: 8/10

This undoubtedly isn’t the most durable shoe in our lineup, but it’s less susceptible to wear and tear than some competitors. From the supple leather uppers and tumbled perforated inserts that provide a snug fit along with its responsive synthetic overlays for ultimate flexibility, Nike has clearly put some effort into making sure these are one of the more forgiving models out there.

All of this is backed up by Nike’s proprietary Air-Sole unit which offers solid cushioning while also providing stability during strides – an absolute must when playing golf!

Price: 10/10

At present, Nike’s Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoe is among its most affordable offerings, shining with impressive value like Nike React Vapor 2 Golf Shoes.

These stunningly crafted sneakers are available in three distinct color schemes: Platinum Yellow/Light Mustard; Black/Summit White-Cloudy Grey; and a timeless combination of Sunflower Yellow/Grape Purple.

The allure of the two-tone designs, along with those featuring white-and-purple hues, certainly caught our attention – but perhaps you’d prefer something more sedate?

OVERALL PROs Lightweight

I’ve been inundated with queries regarding Nike Golf, and despite the luxurious experience of pampering my feet, this has been one of the few occasions I’ve indulged in the sport. Of course, it’s not completely out of the question!

I am not an avid golfer; however, after a long day at work or school I can step inside and hit up a tee box for some quick relaxation. Even though I’m only a novice, I find that these Air Zoom Infinity shoes are more than adequate for getting through my game without any stretching efforts required!

These lightweight performance golf shoes come in three distinct constructions: Full Cushioning, Lightweight Hybrid & Powerstrap Technology (which utilizes a rigid heel insert). My personal preference is for having additional padding underfoot as well as on top; however if you solely wish to invest in a flat-soled shoe then perhaps this could be your ideal choice!

Few more as found from several test:

1. Comfortable and supportive fit like Nike Infinity React Golf Shoes

2. Lightweight design for ease of movement

3. Excellent traction on various surfaces like Puma RSG Golf Shoes

4. Durable construction with high-quality materials

5. Stylish and eye-catching design options

6. Adequate cushioning for shock absorption

7. Versatile performance for various golfing needs

8. Great value for the price compared to other cool golf shoes on the market

CONs that I found

Stiff lacing system

Don’t let the languid appearance of these shoes fool you – they’re not suited for leisurely strolls like FootJoy Coastal Flex golf shoes.

The lacing system of our Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes is a bit offputting; it’s quite stiff and does not conform to my foot shape very well. I find that it takes some effort in order for me to get them laced properly, which could become an issue during competition-based activities such as golfing or running.

Slight break-in period

Upon first putting the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes through rigorous testing on the range, we quickly realized that there would be a slight break-in period required before getting accustomed to their fit like FootJoy Flex Coastal Golf Shoes. In fact, each pair of shoes experienced varying degrees of discomfort; not an uncommon occurrence among athletic footwear!

Despite this inconvenient factor and several unsuccessful attempts at lacing up its predecessors – models like the Nike Free Flyknit Racer and Flyknit Racer – it took up until our third time taking them off before finally securing them tightly in place without any cumbersome knots. Ultimately though, this process was simple yet laborious as with adequate patience both pairs were easily broken into submission with no issues encountered along the way.

Nevertheless, after being disrobed from its tightest fit for over a week and carefully removed by hand, it became apparent that the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes possessed an inherent suppleness without sacrificing support or security. This is an ideal characteristic when it comes to accommodating modifications during your round such as adding wedges or removing soles altogether.

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COMFORT KING! Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Review

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes are an exceptional choice for golfers alike. By boasting a supremely lightweight design these allows the wearer to fully experience their game without succumbing to fatigue. Featuring a responsive midsole with Dynamic Flywire cables and flexible materials throughout, this versatile model provides unparalleled comfort alongside support during all stages of play.

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour has been touted as being one of the most comfortable pairs of golf shoes you can purchase as I review. This even surpassing some other models on the market! This is due to its springy-soft upper material from textile and synthetic components which enables enhanced flexibility. These provides extra cushioning around the ankle area for extra stability during swings.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes Reviews: Final Talk

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity golf shoes are ideal for golfers with oversize feet who want a fit that provides maximum comfort. Offering impressive lateral support and an ultra-soft interior, this Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoe’s review clearly defines how ideal they are for long days on the course!


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