Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes Review : Unleash Your Potential

Recently, I had the opportunity to trial a pair of React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes from Nike. That makes me to go for the Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes Review. This remarkable technology provides an exhilarating experience for golfers of all skill levels and can be utilized by both novice and advanced players alike!

Utilizing the revolutionary Nike React Wall, you can interact with your shoes in unprecedented ways that lets you achieve incredible feats on the golf course.

I will say, discover how these innovative golf shoes will elevate your game with their revolutionary capabilities and unlock your golfing potential like never before – get ready for it! Check below before looking for any price comparison.

Review : Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes

Have you ever wondered, ‘what makes a pro golfer a pro golfer?’ It’s no secret that it takes years of hard work and dedication to become a proficient player. From early childhood into adulthood developmentally speaking, golfing is an activity reliant on age-based experience. Also the previous achievements confer credibility on any player.

Thus, many golfers don’t devote themselves exclusively to the sport; instead opting for endeavors outside their realm of expertise. Like these individuals who have chosen to turn an unconventional route towards success–by gaining employment in retail or finance. On rare occasions we even encounter individuals who choose to pursue careers in athletics as competitors rather than golfers!
nike react infinity pro golf shoes review
So if it’s not age or previous accomplishments that define your profession, what makes you special?

The Bottom Line

So, is there anything to be concerned about? Not at all! Nike has done a fantastic job of polishing off this pair of golf shoes so that they provide just enough support yet remain comfortable throughout your round. Don’t let their name fool you – the React Infinity Pro boasts an advanced fusion of cushioning materials. They deliver unparalleled shock-absorption properties that are sure to accentuate any swing.|

The final word: with its unsurpassed high arches and snug fit, Nike Infinity Pro Golf Shoes boast one of the most supple midsoles among all their offerings. In spite of this, they are remarkably durable and possess ultra-thin soles that make them suitable for long walks as well as prolonged use like Nike golf sneakers.


Backing up any pros of this Nike React Infinity Pro golf shoe is its outstanding comfort level. This actually provides relief from the pressure experienced while golfing.

nike react infinity pro

With Nike React golf technology and Aegis, the Infinity Pro Golf Shoes boast some of the most durable soles I’ve encountered in this class yet. This shoe is bolstered with a dual-density midsole. That midsole offers higher shock attenuation capabilities compared to typical golf shoes. This also allows for a more pleasurable experience on the links!

Nike’s fusion of React foam and a SprintSkin upper not only ensures all-day comfort but also delivers dynamic responsiveness during game play. This advanced combination has helped to create a lightweight design which still feels solid underfoot while providing an excellent grip when executing your shots!

Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes Specs

Here’s the scoop on Nike React Infinity Golf Shoes:

• This iteration of the Nike React golf has been crafted with lightweight, breathable mesh that is designed to offer exceptional comfort.

• The mesh allows for quick-drying and wicking capability.

nike infinity pro golf shoes

• It boasts an ultra-lightweight outsole unit that provides enhanced traction without sacrificing control. All these are done while maintaining a low profile ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces and around obstacles on the course.

• The Nike Infinity Pro Golf Shoe ships with a cushioned midsole. The midsole provides increased shock absorption during impact and soften any impact forces experienced during any round.

How Are They Comfortable?

In last 2 months, I have countless hours spent walking and swinging in these sleek shoes. I can confidently declare that they are indeed quite comfortable!

With its cushion like sole unit and subtle Nike React golf upper wrapping around each foot, along with the soft tongue liner, I was pleasantly surprised by how pleasant these shoes felt on my soles. They’re definitely more ideal for everyday use than some other models I’ve tried before like Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour, Nike React Vapor Golf Shoes. It’s hard to beat them when it comes to providing maximum support yet remaining totally lightweight at the same time!

Are They Waterproof?

This pair of sneakers are not waterproof, but they do possess a grip that is impervious to moisture. It means you can wear them in heavy rainstorms and even puddles without fear of getting your feet wet!

If you’re planning an excursion into the woods or venture into any other location where inclement weather may occur, it is advisable to pack along some apparel with which to stay dry.

What Do Other Golfers Say About Them?

On social media, the Nike React Infinity Golf Shoes were met with overwhelmingly positive reviews as Nike got for Nike Air Max 270 Golf Shoes Review.

On average, these shoes garnered 4.5-out-of-five stars on Golfdiscount and Am* However, some consumers give them much higher marks than this! For instance, one user enthused that they are “so comfortable!” while still remaining true to their craft when composing an overall assessment:


The Nike React Infinity Pro golf shoes surely possess a wealth of remarkable features. Their achilles heel may be its price-point. At $400+, Nike Infinity Pro golf shoes command a premium. If you’re planning on purchasing them for work or play then this could present a problem!

Nike released the React Element sole as an alternate design option to the standard full-length React element. The extra depth in this shape provides more stability. Still these provides a lightweight experience where users can have both comfort and control with each step.

Final Verdict & My Rating

After my comprehensive Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes Review, it’s time to declare final thoughts!

The revamped Nike React technology has created this superior Nike React Infinity Pro golf shoe: responsive, energetic and light-weight. An impressive array of striking colorways enriches the standard Triax construction on this shoe. This actually affords a high level of flexibility with each step taken. Not only does this model boast captivating looks, but also boasts an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on A*azon. This making it one of the most sought after pairs in their collection!

If you’re looking for an alluring pair of footwear that can keep up with your style as well as deliver quality performance on the course, this recent release is undoubtedly worth considering!

Conclusion : Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoe Review

nike react golf shoes
                                                                      Nike React Golf Shoe

The Nike Infinity Pro golf shoes are resounding success from Nike, offering golfers an abundance of comfort and support with unparalleled precision on the green course. That’s my end of Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes review.


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