Nike React Vapor 2 Golf Shoes Review : Now Golf Like a Pro!

The Nike React Vapor 2 Golf Shoe offered elite performance from the first tee of mine. Due to the huge demand among golfers is the main reason for choosing Nike React Vapor 2 Golf Shoes review. After months of use, I have found that this lightweight, low-profile model is ideal for both distance and accuracy on the links. Through out the time, it featured a remarkable feel for solid contact throughout all phases of play.

The low-cut design of the Nike React Vapor 2 Men’s Golf Shoe allows for ample freedom of motion. So, you can stay light on your feet during every stroke. Its cushioning offers exceptional comfort while delivering enhanced protection from impactful impacts.

Review : Nike React Vapor 2 Golf Shoes

The Good: Comfort

Overall, this is an exceptionally comfortable golf shoe. The wide toe box and ample room in the vamp combined with a high ankle collar. This makes it a formidable combination of support and flexibility.

Nike React Vapor has been praised as one of the comfortable golf shoes on the market. While it’s not the lightest option available – weighing in at 11 ounces. Its breathable design allows for extended wear opportunities compared to more traditional models.

nike react vapor 2 golf shoes review
Nike Men’s React Vapor 2 Golf Shoes Review

After several tests, the Nike React Vapor 2 simply oozes comfort, providing a snug fit with ample room within the upper section of the tongue and sockliner. I have noticed, plenty of padding throughout all areas of contact where your feet come into contact with the ground. In addition, nike offers its industry-leading comfort technology such as Air Cushioning® foam heel insert that provides unparalleled shock absorption while offering good levels of support during movement.

Durability and Fit

In addition to the aforementioned materials, Nike React Vapor golf shoes also employs an impressive array of components. The upper utilizes a combination of mesh and synthetic overlays along with perforated holes for breathability. The midsole of React Vapor 2 Golf utilizes a solid rubber compound for optimal shock absorption.

So, how does this translate into durability? My initial outing consisted of a round at my local driving range where I resorted to utilizing the Nike Pro Holeshot tool – placing 10-footers from behind the cage and using it as a guide for my setup. For starters, I was amazed by how well this performed as like Nike black golf shoes!

After subjecting the shoe to some wear and tear in Europe, I returned them to my closet and promptly forgot about them until last week. I decided to pack up my clubs for an excursion out west. Rest assured that after two full rounds on some of the toughest golf courses around – including the renowned links of Northern Ireland’s Gullane Links – they still looked new!

Ventilation & Traction

The React Vapor 2’s mesh upper affords supreme breathability, while their VNO construction provides additional durability along with enhanced flexibility. These attributes create a fantastic combo in which allows the feet to remain cool during wear. This also providing greater traction on varied terrain.

The shoes offer an array of features that promote ventilation and make for an ideal choice for warm weather outings. However, despite being lightweight and breathable, they still manage to provide sufficient levels of comfort for prolonged periods at a time.

Price point

For under $200, the Nike React Vapor Golf Shoe is an unbeatable choice like Nike Air Max 270 G Golf Shoes. This venerable model remains a perennial favorite that has been continually updated and improved upon since it was first introduced nearly ten years ago.

This pair of shoes is definitely an investment with its nimble lightweight design, exceptional versatility and favorable cost-to-performance ratio like Nike React Infinity Pro Golf Shoes!


At select golf courses, players will typically encounter puddles of water. Under these conditions, Nike crafted the React Vapor® 2 to be sure its captivating design remained fully intact – even in a downpour!

That’s not all; if you find yourself suddenly caught in the rain during an outing, don’t fret over your footwear. Just throw them in some dry bags and continue on with life. No worries here!

For instance, out on the course I was able to test the React Vapor® 2 Golf Shoes in both inclement weather conditions ranging from prolonged sunshine followed by intermittent drizzling showers accompanied with heavy dew drops. My feet remained completely dry without experiencing any wetness whatsoever!

The Cons

There are several aspects of the Vapor 2 that could use improvement, despite its dazzling array of features. The composite material is relatively rigid and unforgiving when it comes to providing support underfoot. This can make playing longer rounds of golf a struggle at times – especially when jolts from impact occur during play.

Additionally, this premium model is impressively light yet not necessarily as cushy as one might expect from best cushioned Nike golf shoes. If you’re in search of a more portable option that still provides adequate comfort while golfing you may check Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes Review

The Pros

  1. There are a number of aspects that make this shoe ideal for golfing. First off, the Nike React Vapor 2 is breathable and lightweight, which makes it an excellent match for hot summer days.
  2. Besides enabling optimal airflow beneath your feet during strenuous walking sessions, this footwear also provides exceptional cushioning to help alleviate your aches and pains from a long day on the greens!
  3. For added support during strenuous activity such as swinging a club – or just carrying any heavy objects – this package is unparalleled in its class.
  4. With Nike React technology, each step you take is tracked via an app, which relays information about your efficiency with real time stats such as distance traveled, speed attained and heartbeat rate data.
  5. Your personal achievements can be shared online with friends and family alike; moreover progress towards further goals will be rewarded with coveted rewards such as coins and points that can later be converted into prize money! This could be an exciting way to keep track of progress over time within one’s fitness regime.
  6. While the Nike React Vapor Golf Shoe comes equipped with a full-length outsole that guarantees durability, this model features a denser construction compared to its predecessor offering more stability on uneven surfaces while delivering maximum traction at high speeds.
  7. In addition they possess an impressive level of flexibility allowing them to accommodate alterations in stride without losing their shape even when subjected to lateral pressures.

Nike React Vapor 2 Review: Value for the money

For all its impressive specs, the Nike React Vapor Golf Shoe won’t leave you penniless. Like any sensible golfer would do, I poured my money into the most appropriate clubs for my game and set out to conquer each hole with gusto!

Priced at $120, these Nike React Vapor 2 review is a steal – an averagely-performing golf shoe without additional clubheads or dedicated spikes can typically cost anywhere between $50-$100 depending on your preference.

That being said however, this could be one of the most reasonably priced golf shoes on the market today. It is easily among the best in its class while still offering plenty of value at such an affordable price tag for Nike React Vapor 2 review.

In other words, if you’re looking for a top quality golf shoe that won’t break your bank, then consider the Nike Men’s React Vapor 2 Golf Shoes as a viable option!

Conclusion : Nike React Vapor 2 Golf Shoe Review

The Nike React Vapor 2 golf shoes delivers remarkable flexibility, support, and comfort. This versatile model is ideal for golfers of all skill levels and can be customized with the Swoosh+ system to suit any look.


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