Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes Review: The Perfect Blend of Comfort, Traction & Lightness!

I know, if you’re a keen golfer, then chances are that you’ve witnessed the impressive displays of golf shoes by Adidas like Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes. From futuristic designs to traditional silhouettes; from gladiatorial-looking and bold to refined and understated – there’s an abundance of golf shoes available when it comes to finding the ideal pair.

Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes review

If you’re searching for a Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes review, you may be confused by all of the choices available. To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to navigate through the adidas tech response 2.0 review. Locate the ideal model and let’s get going!

Adidas Tech Response Breathability Test

After some deep analysis, I came to conclusion that, like its predecessor, the Adidas Tech Response 2 is constructed from a soft yet durable jersey fabric with an embedded microfiber material for enhanced comfort.

It’s no secret that sweat isn’t your friend on the golf course, and it can wreak havoc on your gear if not properly ventilated and wicking away moisture fast enough. This synthetic fiber padding added to the sock-like inner lining of these Adidas Response Golf Shoes provides a healthy level of ventilation. With a filtration system on Adidas tech, ensures perspiration won’t leave behind any stench when it escapes from within.

adidas tech response golf shoes review

Unobstructed airflow is key of Adidas Tech Response, when it comes to keeping your feet cool during lengthy rounds in high temperatures. By opening up each of these Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes’ toe pockets – allowing air circulation beneath them – you’ll gain access to dryer air; alongside its breathable mesh upper construction which provides additional flexibility for all kinds of movements.

Moldable Mesh Upper on Tech Response Golf Shoes

For an adaptive performance golf shoe, the Tech Response golf shoes does not skimp on design; its exceptional upper can be molded for a customized fit, assuring optimal comfort.

The boldly-colored upper of Adidas Tech is crafted from breathable mesh that seamlessly conforms to your foot with just a few minutes of initial shaping. This lightweight material makes it possible to adjust both the lacing system and overall shape; one only needs to loosen or tighten when getting all set up for their rounds of golf!

Adidas Tech Response 2.0 Review : Comfortable

For those who wear their golf shoes around the house or keep them in their bags, I would imagine your feet will become quite fatigued. With this in mind, I was pleasantly surprised with the Tech Response’s remarkable breathability. Adidas Tech Response 2.0 undoubtedly contributed to my sense of comfort during my rounds – a huge plus!

adidas tech response 2.0 golf shoes review
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The Tech Response doesn’t have any padding underneath whatsoever; however, it is incredibly light-weight and flexible so I don’t experience any hotspots on my soles. Additionally, this model provides a superb level of lateral stability without sacrificing comfort for any prolonged periods of time.

Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes : Plush Fit Test

If you are searching for an utterly plush, luxurious fit that feels like wearing your favorite t-shirt on your feet, this pair of shoes will definitely suit you well.

Exquisite materials are utilized for these Tech Response golf shoes to ensure maximum comfort and all-day wearability. The seamless upper provides a lightweight yet snug fit, while the inner sleeve provides a snugger fit around the foot.

I don’t find any issues with these shoes when I’m playing my round – they provide just enough stability and support without being too constricting or restrictive.

Tech Response Golf Shoe’s Stability Test Result

The moulded collar of the Adidas Tech Response golf shoes provides excellent lockdown around your heel and ankle, giving you additional security during each swing. Imagine, how will it be with Adidas Tech Response 4.0 golf shoes?


I am fortunate enough that my work schedule typically doesn’t prevent me from dashing out to play golf on weekends with this Adidas golf shoes, Tech Response 2.0! This affords me the opportunity to experience new courses within the vicinity as well as take part in local outings such as charity events whilst keeping up with my latest digital content creation efforts at the same time!

Bonus : Draw-String Bag

Along with an array of stylish designs and eye-catching colors, the Tech Response Golf shoe also comes in a versatile drawstring bag to be sure that your gear stays safe.

Packed inside, my golf balls were snugly nestled within their protective foam; there was even room for some chips on top!

Not only are these bags ideal for storage, they can also double as an individual carryall.

Dye Holding Capacity Check

For some, the lack of durability in your golf shoes is a deal breaker when it comes to purchasing. So what does ‘durable’ mean? It is defined as something that can withstand wear and tear without ripping or tearing apart after a short period of time. Despite its synthetic constructions and protective uppers, you may experience scuffs and dents along with punctures or cuts depending on how often your footwear is used.

Adidas Tech Response golf shoes are no exception; they have provided few holes in their soles during their full lifetime as said my partner! Although their designs are eye-catching yet practical, their potentially unappealing colors could be off putting for those who prefer monochromatic schemes – or even those preferring bold hues!

Are Adidas Tech Response 2.0 golf shoes water-resistant?

Are Adidas Tech Response 2.0 golf shoes waterproof? After experimenting with the aforementioned scenarios, it became clear that these shoes were not a suitable match for rain. Despite their promising waterproofing technology present on several other models within this range; ultimately I didn’t find them particularly well suited for inclement weather – which may lead you to check Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Gtx Review.

Despite its limited capabilities in environmental conditions, however, this model still boasts ample levels of comfort and support which prevented any undue stress from arising during my time on the course.

Closed-toe design of Adidas Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoes

The sole of this Adidas golf shoes, Tech Response 2.0 is crafted from a durable rubber compound, while its upper is comprised of an innovative fabric construction that affords exceptional breathability.

Adidas Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoes

My only grievance with the Tech Response Golf Shoes are their spongy-rubber soles; they leave a distinct impression against my sockless feet, causing discomfort and chafing throughout! Yet despite their shortcomings, these lightweight yet resilient materials allow for sufficient freedom of motion while remaining light on one’s feet during prolonged periods at the golf course – something which undoubtedly helps Push Putt!

adidas tech response 2.0 review


– Luxurious and comfortable fit

– Excellent stability and support like Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoe.

– Welded heel cage and molded collar provide additional security

– Comes with a drawstring bag for storage and transport

– Provides ample levels of comfort and traction with 6 spikes outsole.

– Considering price this is one of the best golf shoes under 100


– Dye does not hold up well

– Not ultra water-resistant due to mesh upper

– Closed-toe design can rub against socks

– May lacks durability on regular hard terrain use.

– Potentially unappealing colors for those who prefer monochromatic schemes or bold hues

adidas response golf shoe

The Bottom Line: Great for golf on firm surfaces

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that are not only ideal for golfing, but also comfortable enough to wear on a day-to-day basis, then look no further than the Adidas Tech Response. Featuring an array of features such as durable materials and supportive insoles that provide ample support without compromising on breathability; this model is sure to provide all-day comfort!

Like any hiking shoe, the Tech Response’s outsole does a remarkable job at providing a solid base for your footing. This means greater control and stability when taking on challenging terrain – whether it be hiking up mountains or traversing rocky paths during your stroll along the green side!

If your feet tend towards being on the wide side, I would certainly advise opting for one size up from your regular size in these shoes. You may find that they are slightly snug initially; however, after wearing them for a while they will mold to fit much more comfortably.

Conclusion : adidas Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoes Review

The adidas Tech Response 2.0 golf shoes provide an optimal level of comfort and support along with a durable construction that will help you play golf for miles. Hope you liked this adidas Tech Response golf shoes review, let me know!


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