Puma RS-G Golf Shoes Review : Stay Top At Golf Game

A pair of golf shoes that offers a supremely comfortable and forgiving fit, is that your requirement? My recommendation, read this Puma RS-G Golf shoes review. The RS-G boasts a classic look with embossed branding which adds an air of classiness to any golfing ensemble.

Puma’s RS-G Golf Shoes are ideal for players who prefer to take it easy on the course. With its cushioned, contoured footbeds as well as an adjustable strap system that provides an accommodating fit around the ankle, these shoes will make your game more enjoyable!

Puma RS-G Golf Shoes Review

The Puma RS-G Golf Shoes boast an impressive 12mm sole that lends itself perfectly to retrieving shots from bunkers and holes in one. Offering superb traction and durability, this feature is sure to come in handy during your round!

puma rs-g golf shoes review


The Puma RS-G Golf Shoes have an array of impressive specs, including a lightweight construction and fully-surrounding sole.

At 2 lbs 12 oz, these Puma RSG shoes are incredibly light for their build quality.

A durable upper construction ensures these shoes can stand up against abuse when playing on demanding links courses. Additionally, the ergonomic design guarantees comfort throughout your entire round – from tee to green!

The Puma RS Golf Shoes boast an outsole composed of High-Reactive Rubber (HRR) providing remarkable traction in any situation. This is all while keeping the weight of the footwear at a mere two pounds!

puma rs-g golf shoes
Golf Shoes Men’s Puma

Design: 4.5/5

Delicate perforations and intricate designs adorn the upper of the Puma RS G golf shoes, adding a touch of class to this outstanding shoe. For me personally, I find perforations more aesthetically pleasing than overlays or laces – giving off an effortlessly sophisticated vibe. That’s perfect for those wanting to dress up their game with their footwear! Surely  like golf shoes women’s best.

puma rsg

The sleek shell of the RSG Puma provides a secure fit on the foot while also providing ample room between the toes so they can move freely without restriction. Despite its generous nature, Puma RS-G never feels bulky or cumbersome during extended periods of wear.

Comfort: 4.5/5

The Puma RS G Golf Shoes provide an extraordinarily comfortable fit and feel. The leather upper is soft against the skin, and the plush padding beneath provides just enough support for optimal comfort.

With regards to flex, these Puma golf shoes offer a moderate level of responsiveness when compared with other models in my review. In fact, if you prefer a more dedicated stride, then consider swapping out for a version that offers greater flexibility.

Fit: 3.5/5

The RS-G golf shoe’s lightweight design and flexible construction provide a snug fit that is ideal for on-course activity. This pair of shoes is best suited to casual apparel style outings – it wouldn’t be the most convenient choice if you were attending an event requiring formal wear!

puma women's rs-g golf shoes

Despite its impressive flexibility, however, these options are not suitable for walking long distances in. If your journey requires strolling over varied terrain then this Puma RSG golf shoes may pose a challenge for you since the soles may become deformed after time spent on pavement; thus rendering them unsuitable for such use cases.

Durability: 3.5/5

Proceeding Puma RS G golf shoes review further with durability test & result. The RS-G golf is a mid-cut model, and it affords ample ankle support for those who favor a more casual approach to the game.

After several rounds of play, I found no evidence that RS-G Puma shoes exhibited any signs of wear. The uppers remain supple and pliable, while only minor scuffs can be noticed on the leather – indicating that even after sustained usage these RS G golf shoes would still provide favorable results.

Price: 2/5

The Puma RS G Golf Shoes’ retail price is currently on the high end for casual golf shoes. However, this can be remedied by taking advantage of various discounts and promotions available, check coupon/deals before purchase.

If you ever find yourself in search of a bargain, it might make sense to look into acquiring a pair from a local seller. At times, there may be substantial savings if one goes about procuring them from an outfit rather than directly from the manufacturer; additionally – some of these retailers offer more than simply selling their own products!

Total score: 16/20

These Puma RS golf shoes are supremely comfortable, with a contoured ankle stitched within the upper providing ample arch support.

There is a lot to like about this Puma RS G Golf Shoe. The price point is attractive and they come with plush insoles that provide excellent shock absorption while remaining exceptionally lightweight at just 7 oz. Most importantly, I had no issues during my time with them – from engaging in several rounds of golfing alongside business travel as well as long haul flights to DC; there was only one day where my feet experienced slight discomfort due to prolonged use.


– Lightweight construction

– Ergonomic design for comfort

– Delicate perforations and intricate designs for a sophisticated look

– Plush padding for optimal comfort

– Good ankle support like FootJoy Flex Coastal Golf Shoes

– Ample room for toes to move freely

– Remarkable traction in any situation like Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoes


– Requires break in time.

– Not ideal for formal wear

– Price point is on the high end for casual golf shoes. For low end, check Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes Review.

The bottom line on the Puma RS G Shoes Golf

At the end of the day, these Puma RS G are a pair of high-quality golf shoes that offer impressive support for your ankles. If you don’t believe me, take them for a test drive yourself!

Puma RS G Golf Shoes offer durable materials; they are lightweight and comfortable to wear at all times. Are they perfect? Not quite – they lack arch support and are not ideal if you’re playing multiple rounds on the course. However, these should still be sufficient for casual rounds without sacrificing performance.

Conclusion : Puma RSG Golf Shoes Review

If you’re a devoted golfer, then you already know the importance of investing in a high-quality pair of golf shoes. The Puma RS-G golf shoes review all the support and comfort that any player could desire from their footwear – allowing them to focus solely on honing their craft!


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