Common Foot Problems From Foot Disorders List

Foot pain is a common chronic discomfort among few these days. Ignorance can be costly; maintenance can be healthy in general. Simple foot strengthening exercises along with change of foot strengthening shoes can cure many foot pain problems. Science has given us scope to improve our life styles in many ways, so along with foot strengthening shoes, scientific foot exercises can help to build healthy foot life.

Foot normally takes all the loads of our body and everyone in life must have faced tiredness on feet or aching feet. In case of regular foot related problems, more complex situation may arise unless taken care of immediately or simple foot exercises for pain relief are not started soon.

Foot pain can attack anyone, either too much of restless work, too much exercises or even sitting for long period may lead to foot pain problems. Even athlete may develop foot pain due to over practices. Few foot pains may develop due to wearing uncomfortable shoes. These may develop early ages when kids require best children’s shoes for wide feet but gets regular shoes. So doctors always ask everyone to wear light fit but comfortable shoes like loafer, wide  or give proper rest to foot. Proper rest ensures right blood circulation, which helps tissues to get strength and act properly.

Foot Pain – Common Foot Problems

Common Foot Pain Problems
Common Foot Pain Problems

Despite being faced by everyone, hardly anyone visits doctor for foot pain problems. Rather people ignore or give rest to foot and it gets back well in shape. Sometimes it’s absolutely right, sometimes not. Even some people never go to doctor despite having regular foot problems with foot. Interestingly more than 80% people in USA face chronic foot pain, yes more than 80%. This leads to shorten their regular work life; unhappy life style is the ultimate choice, whereas foot exercises to pain relief or exercises to strengthen foot & ankles could be the easiest solutions. Once your foot in pain, you cannot have a sound day or night, and will perform lesser than others is obvious. But remember it’s a solvable problem, just requires your wish and try.

Survey shows 39% of survey respondents said they will increase their exercise hours if get out of week feet by doing regular foot strengthening exercises. And 41% said they will be more active than before by getting out of week feet. It’s true that we pay less attention on our week pained feet but most of the issues can be handled by proper foot pain diagnosis. So it’s always advisable to take proper precaution like using OOfos OOahh slides regularly or medication in case you are experiencing issues on your foot due to excessive running, dancing or work load. If failure to foot pain diagnosis it may be chronic later, so stay safe from plantar fasciitis or any ankle, leg or foot injuries.

Causes of Common Foot Pain Problems

Foot problems (including foot bone problems) can occur by large number of reasons. Your daily activities can be the reason for foot pain. If you are in sports or athlete then look carefully when it takes more pressure to your foot. Different activity can be reason for different type of pains & foot condition. So rightly foot diagnosis is required to identify common foot problems. Just for an example, running too much on artificial grass can lead to toe pain. Too much of jumping or dancing can cause pain on your frontal part of feet.

Excessive running can create few issues like unpleasant blisters, inflammation is foot area, damaged muscles or joints and may be few more related with sports or dancing. So foot strengthening exercises for runners or dancers is getting more demand these days.

Common Foot Disorder List as Identified

The causes are many for foot disorder list, but there are a set of things which are common with all foot pain diagnosis & relief. Doesn’t matter if you have hobbies like long walk, running, jumping, dancing, climbing or you love to sit for a long period, below are the most common foot pain disorder lists as noted by doctors.

Basic Foot disorders in Adults

Bunions (related toe problem)

In this case, normally bumps are developed on the side of large toe joint, this actually pushes the toe inwards. The reasons for these bumps are tight shoes, and this is very common among women. This is very common in foot disorders list for adults.

Common foot disorders in adults
Bunions, Foot disorders in Adults

Ingrown toenails

It happens when your toe nails grow inward rather natural outward growth. It’s a painful experience & can be caused by bad size of shoes or even poor hygiene, always cut your toenails in time to void these. This is very common foot disorder in adults with toenail problems.

Plantar Fasciitis

This happens when inflammation occurs in plantar fascia, which is located on the bottom of the foot. Few reasons associated with plantar fasciitis, they are mainly obesity, bad shoes & high heels. Runners may face plantar fasciitis in their career span. A very common foot disorder in adults is plantar fasciitis, which leads to regular foot pain problems.

Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Pain Problems
Plantar Fasciitis

Athlete’s Foot 

Normally it happens in the toe area of foot, which is a fungal infection on foot. This is very common among swimmers & runners. But general people can have this toe problem also, which is related with foot hygiene and very common among many diseases of the foot

Claw Toe

Another common seen diseases of the foot or toe problem is claw toe, where toe joint separation is found in foot. Commonly it is a condition from birth type of foot bone problems, where first toes joint points up when other points down.


This is actually stone bruises, where numbness is noticed between toes and the arch of the foot. Severe pain can be found in the zone. A typical foot problem with pain is the trait of this diseases of the foot.

Heel Spur

This is a piece of calcium growing out between the arch of the foot & the heel bone. This may lead to high inflammation & foot pain in between heel & arch. The burning feel foot pain heel is not easy to deal with, needs serious doctor’s concern for foot pain arch.


This usually occurs on soles of the feet and the toe area. The thick hard skin is referred as corns, which is painful if not removed in the long run. Very uncomfortable thick skin needs removal early before they dig deep and grow thicker. Normally doesn’t remove fully but can be reduced. One of the reasons of this can be shoes, to develop this irritating stuff. This is actually seen as aging feet problem & common among feet skin diseases.

Stress Fractures

High intensity work out or too much athletic stuff can lead to stress fracture which is foot bone disorder surely. Normally it damages long bone in the foot or the big heel bone is causing the pain. Resting and regular follow up can cure the foot bone fully. Foot stretches for runners are not recommended if this type of foot bone problem developed.


If you are spending too much time with shoes rather giving it some rest and free walk, you may develop blisters. This causes severe foot pain, so long time wearing shoes particularly in boots are not recommended. You need to be selective also while buying different work boots.

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Foot pains are common even though you use comfortable Bruno Marc shoes, but not incurable. So cure is there and say goodbye to it by following few steps of doing regular foot exercises for stronger foot.


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