Saying Goodbye to Foot Pain by Foot Strengthening Exercises

Foot Strengthening Exercises for weak feet and ankles
Foot Problem Diagnosis & Foot Strengthening Exercises

Foot pain problems are very common these days and it has solutions unless you have a really weak feet. So those who are worried with their foot issues, can have easily a peaceful life like others by doing exercises to strengthen feet and ankles. Though reasons can be many for foot pain but by following few things & doing regular foot strengthening exercises to improve foot strength, almost everyone can have a better life. Foot exercises are easier to follow and practice, so almost all foot excessive users like players, dancers, athletes are very much used to with the foot exercises to reduce stress on foot & increase foot strength for better performance.

Foot Problem Diagnosis & Foot Strengthening Exercises

Foot Details for Foot Strengthening Exercise
Human Foot Details

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Foot exercises for pain relief are no more any secret as it has become an inevitable part of our daily life. In general people buy new shoes to avoid foot pain as a first remedy. People also takes advice from professionals who are doing same activity before buying new pair of shoes as a foot exercise equipment. Every activity differs, so foot problem diagnosis & solution also differs. This leads changes of different shoes for different pattern of problems. Some may require light weight loafer, some may require Crocs Amazon for easy slip on facility or some may demand good quality chukka boots instead of any ECCO shoes. These shoe changes reduce chances of damaging your foot and increase chance to have a healthy life instead of weak feet, even one may not require regular foot exercises for pain relief.

A simple idea to reduce foot problems and avoid foot exercises machine can be use of compression socks to increase blood circulation in specific area, relieve from pain and ultimately stronger foot through an alternative way of direct foot exercise. Compression socks are wildly used among dancers, athletes or gym users. Even those office workers who need to sit for a longer period wearing shoes also use compression socks to reduce issues and avoid excessive exercises to strengthen feet and ankles.

So there are ways which can lead to problem free foot life. Still some need to do some exercises to strengthen feet & toes. These exercises not only reduce pain rather makes you healthy in many aspect, so you don’t need to buy any foot exercises machine. Below is some commonly practiced foot strengthening exercises for runners, also applicable on dancers.

Different Exercises to Strengthen Feet and Ankles:

Point, raise and curl your toes –

A very good but simple foot exercises to strengthen feet & ankles are actually different movements of feet & toes. This can be done when you are sitting on a chair and your weak feet are touching the floor. Try to raise heel while toes are on same place means on floor if you are sitting. Count 5 times then get back into old position.  Now the 2nd step, which is raise heel again while big toe & second toes tips touches the floor, like a ballerina. The 3rd step is to curl the toes inward while raising the heel. Each time you complete the steps wait till you count five and then get back into old position means keep your foot flat on ground. Do the whole process in 10 times a day to avoid buying ankle strengthening machine and recover from weak feet.

Stretching the big toe –

Always remember your big toe is important among others and it needs regular flexibility and foot strengthening exercises for dancers or runners can make the desired difference that you want. So what foot strengthening exercises for runners or dancers actually is? Just put the right foot to rest on your left thigh and stretch your big toe up & down by using your hands. Count to five and change the position of left foot to right thigh and do same. You may do this foot exercises for pain relief 10 times on a sit every day to recover from weak feet and make this foot exercises for runners a regular habit.

Curl toes –

To recover strength on your feet and have some stronger flexor muscles Curl your toes is what you may look for, which is widely practiced foot strengthening exercises for dancers or runners This simple but effective exercises works as foot exercises for plantar fasciitis as well. The whole process is simple for weak feet to be stronger, sit on a chair while keep your feet flat on ground. Now put a towel on floor, while the towel’s short side will point towards your feet. Your task is to use the toes, put the towel in between your toes and pull. To have more strength you may use marbles instead of towel. Do it 5 times with each foot and see the benefit of foot exercises to strengthen feet & ankles.

Extending toes –

Plantar fasciitis are very common among seniors citizens specially who are active sport’s person or dancers and this foot exercises for pain relief will help you to overcome it more easily than any foot exercises machine. Once you are ready to do it, put the right feet on left thigh and pull the toes towards the ankle by stretching them gently. Hold this position for 10 seconds to get relieve from heel pain & weak feet. Massage the foot’s arch while stretching will give you better foot exercises to strengthen feet & ankles. You need to apply this foot exercises for pain relief process on both feet 10 times on a sit regularly for a better result.

Exercises to Strengthen Weak Feet and Ankles
Exercises to Strengthen Feet and Ankles

Sand walking –

This is an interesting one compare to others, walking in the sand may lead you to the beach regularly. This helps to stretch feet & calves while you continue regular barefoot walking on sand. This is an absolute flat foot exercises to strengthen feet & ankles followed by any foot exerciser in foot gym, where typical sand space is created. This exercise is widely practiced as foot strengthening exercises for dancers.

Rolling a golf ball or frozen bottle –

By placing a golf ball beneath your foot in an empty bottle and roll it back & forth slowly can release tension from foot, which is pain reducing surely. Plantar fasciitis related pain can be quickly cured by this simple foot exercise. This mainly foot strengthening exercises for runners is very widely used among athletes, which ultimately helps to avoid buying of foot strengthening shoes. Every day two minutes of this exercise on each foot can ensure a better foot health for those who are suffering from plantar fasciitis. You may try the same exercise with a frozen bottle instead of a golf ball in a bottle, which will surely ensure better feel if a burning sensation is present on foot.

Final Words on Foot Strengthening Exercise Benefits

In general foot pain problems are curable, but in case of chronic foot pain problems unless taken care of seriously, may lead to severe lifelong problems where people might end up on buying several foot exercise machines. Severe pains may stop your regular activity and you may lose confidence for future also. In order to get a healthy foot life you may try above mentioned exercises to strengthen feet & toes and have a happy life. Whatever you do, always take a doctor’s concern and especially if you are in need of medicine like pain killers. Those who have weaker feet or may have uncomfortable feel on a regular basis, they may try mentioned exercises to see the result. There is nothing wrong in exercises (even walking regularly in Skechers Go Walk 4 Incredible) which will actually increase blood circulation on foot, toes & ankles along with increasing muscle powers. A dancer should continue foot strengthening exercises for dancers where as a runner do his own activity regularly to have a tension free life.


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