ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker Review: Best Walking Shoes for Travel

In recent years, there were a flurry of stylish shoes in the limelight. From cashmere lace-ups that look like slippers to clunky-soled “dad” trainers, all were there lately. But especially when it’s both comfortable and stylish like ECCO Soft 7 Sneakers, we say there’s something should be noticed for a style that lasts.

We’ll dig deep the Ecco Soft 7 shoe a bit more. It’s assembled of suede and full-grain leather, and it’s designed to strike a balance between comfort and typical Scandinavian smartness. The Soft 7 with enough design for males’ & females’ size, has been one of the brand’s best-selling designs since its debut in 2015, still going strong. Each season, it’s available in dozens of colours and new styles with woven leather or mixed media and perforations. As noticed, for years it has quietly amassed hundreds of five-star appraisals throughout the internet.You will see few later here.

ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker Review

Before going deep into ECCO Soft 7 Review, ECCO the Danish shoe company run by family — Since 1963. It has been producing high-end footwear by hand from very beginning. It also strives to maintain the full sneaker production process in-house. From start to finish, the company produces its own excellent leather and designs comfort features. Ecco, for instance, instead of just scaling down the men’s last, uses a separate anatomical last for its male and female lines.

ECCO Soft 7 Review
ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker Review

Feature & Design

  • Made entirely of leather.
  • Manufactured in other countries than USA.
  • This pair of leather shoes for men meets demand in terms of trendy design and ease.
  • The upper part made of 100% of crop leather and suede are bright and pleasant.
  • Sole made of simulated materials.
  • The outsole is lightweight, versatile, and comfortable.
  • The anatomically correct last shape ensures a seamless padded fit.
  • Formed PU/TPU is used to create the outer parts of the Ecco Soft 7 Shoe.

Watch a video on how to wear ECCO soft shoes & features:

Size and Fit

The Ecco Soft 7 is made for both male’s and female’s sizes. The outer part is made of flexible leather. This upper actually molds to the form of the foot for added ease for the user. The top also allows for adequate foot ventilation while on walk. The lining of shoes are of leather. This also ensures more ventilation for the user, like any other best work shoes for high arches.

Comfort & Benefits

The Ecco Soft 7 Shoe’s characteristics stay unaffected in spite of its basic appearance. The shape of these shoes is physically accurate and specifically constructed to provide entire pleasant on any trip. The insole also features the Comfort Fibre System, a revolutionary sock liner made of vegetable-tanned leather and versatile elements. This amazing incorporation of different materials provide additional insulating and wet soak.

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker Style

When it comes to sneakers, various innovations are incorporated. And mixing elegance and pleasant feel can be an unrivaled advantage when someone looking for the next pair of Sneakers. With a luxury leather and a simple white rubber outsole, the Ecco Soft 7 shoes scream simplicity with a class.

Due to their plain and uncomplicated style, these shoes are hugely inventive and go with a wide range of outfits as we can confirm from our check & customer’s reviews. They can be used in a number of circumstances because they are user friendly. You may try it while on long air travel even like Eurosoft shoes. There are so many different colorways to choose from as found. So both men and women may wear them with almost any outfit they want to.

Ecco Sneaker History

Danish visionary Karl Toosbuy aspired to conduct a new shoe factory, due to his extensive experiences in the industry. His dream became a reality in 1963 when he founded the Ecco brand in Denmark. Interestingly the first launch of the brand was only available to females. They seemed to be very much restricted quantities for women only.

Initially the business had a rocky beginning. The company didn’t find its main brand until the 1970s. Once designer Ejnar Truelsen developed the “Joke” model, which actually paved the way for the rest of the company’s famous sneakers.

The company established factories in Asia, Canada, Europe, and the United States within 1974. Since then its global presence were developing significantly.

Ecco has built a trustworthiness for making leather items, such as the Ecco Soft 7 Shoe for the last few years. The trust has gained such that people believes that it has addressed the concept of creating sneakers which suit the foot rather than vice versa.

ecco soft 7 mens review
ECCO Soft 7 Mens

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Ecco Soft 7 Review : Benefits

Men’s ECCO® Soft 7 Sneaker can benefit you in two ways. Firstly it will keep you moving day long in style with it’s metropolitan cool look and ultimately through exceptional solace. Highlights like cowhide and nubuck upper on this relaxed Sneaker alongside a calfskin lace up vamp guarantees a protected, customized fit for the user. When out traveling, the outrageous breathable calfskin lining will convey the entire day assistance to the user. Note, the removable calfskin covered sole underside with ECFS™ keeps feet like original and gasping even on a damp day. The lightweight and resilient outsole conveys most extreme foothold as found on our test.

  • On wet conditions soft and full cowhide lining will wicks away dampness.
  • Used cowhide and nubuck blend upper with an functional silhouette guarantees better lightness and delicate feel.
  • For padded solace and additional width, removable, cowhide covered inlay sole with ECFS™ is utilized as advancement.
  • Two-segment and direct-infused polyurethane outsole is hard wearing, however adaptable and exceptionally light.

ECCO Soft 7: Our Findings

Someone is not alone if he is curious about what makes these fashionable Sneakers so famous these days. This is what the our research team discovered after conducting in depth analysis on products & customers reviews on ECCO Soft 7.

The consumers of these shoes have more than two pairs of these comfortable kicks. They began mini sets of up to four or five pairs of the same sneakers. These customers buy extras in their favorite colors and they also treat Ecco’s soft 7 sneakers comparable to Beanie Babies since the late 1990’s: a valuable commodity that must be repeated as many times as probable.


As per the opinion of brand devotees, all starts with the brand’s well-known supportive insole that makes mark on users. Extra cushioning perforated leather is united with foam on this remarkable insole.  The foam conforms to the shape of the feet and circulates cold air in the sneaker. And the leather wicks away moisture, which keeps the feet dry. For all-day pleasant, the result is a breathable insole that keeps the foot pleasant in hotter weather. Few customer actually expressed that the sneakers are so pleasant that they could not recall whether they were on or not.

Health Benefits

Interestingly the bolstered sole conforms to the shape of the feet in many cases. This makes these sneakers ideal for people with a variety of foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis & bunions, in addition to providing superior support. Best thing is, the pad is also fully detachable and might be exchanged by unique orthotics if someone has the need of additional assistance.


Customers’ main problem can be the excessive price tag, like best Parkour shoes or disc golf shoes. But most of the user ranked this shoe for best stability and pleasure cushion feel. So price it isn’t currently a matter of concern at all for this shoe. Light pink, soft blue and delicate yellow are among the shoe’s current hues, which are perfect for summer & spring.)


We want to talk about the negative things of these shoes, which appears to be practically impossible to limit oneself to just one pair. Many queries, how to wear ECCO Soft 7? Fortunately, critics believe they’re ideal for everyday wear. Even you’re going to the grocery store or taking a stroll around the block, this fashionable shoe can make your path enjoyable. With other features around, in case you choose more than one hue, you will undoubtedly receive your money’s worth on each track.

Watch another video on how to wear ECCO soft sneaker shoes:

How to clean ECCO Soft 7 Shoes

The other parts of this amazing Sneakers are as stunning as the insole. The outer portion of these shoes is very simple to clean according to customers. This outer is made of a supple leather. It also has a sleek profile with a same color hood, white shoe band with an opposite color sole. So you can wear this Soft 7 shoe with casual outfits or dress up for any outings.

Customer Review Analysis

Amazing Color Range

One of the regular user reviewed Ecco soft 7 that she had a lot of exercise underclothes, inners & leggins for outdoor games, but she couldn’t imagine loving a sneaker so much that she had one in every color. She recommended that it will have to be the ultimate shoe in terms of pleasant, design, and flexibility. Amazing, isn’t?

Comfort & Style

The Soft 7 is “pleasant right out of the case,”according to a user, who continues: “I brought them with me on a recent trip when I walked kilometers every day. There was no pinching, slippage or irritation on my way. I also had an operation recently. So I’m looking for comfort for my feet on trip. With slim jeans, Athleta City jogging pants, I was in my casual outfits, they looked great with this. After getting from the trip, I ordered these in white as well since they’re so comfy & lovely.

Easy to Wash

On a rainy vacation to New Orleans, another customer donned these ECCO Soft 7 shoes. These tiny marshmallow-cloud hovering footwear whisked the user as mentioned, throughout New Orleans and back. She needed a pair of sneakers that didn’t scream gym shoes or old citizen special lunch group. These Ecco Soft VIIs fitted with her requirement fully on trip. These have a wonderful soft cushion that is both helpful and suitable for barefoot usage. User didn’t use socks as humid hot summer was on. The calfskin top takes the whole thing up a notch and also provided plenty of safety when leaping into post-rain Bourbon Street sewage ponds. It just washed right off when user got a splash or two on the trip, and that makes her happy enough as mentioned.

Amazing Look

Let us share another review. One reviewer pooled a story from the TSA line at the air terminal. Three 50-something voyager were as of late going through TSA designated spot. One individual peer down at them and saw the person before him wearing these extraordinary looking Ecco Soft 7. So he figured out how to advised him, how extraordinary these kicks look and get some information about the seller. Stranger shared about Ecco Soft and how much advantage can be found from a new one. As a matter of fact the person before him said, ‘I love Eccos. What’s more, I am certain how extraordinary these are.’ The entire discussion took place in just 15 seconds barely. Abruptly the person before spouse says, ‘I realize the mystery after I saw everything here! Three people obscure to one another were discussing comfortable shoes! Staggering.’

After a short examination on recognize, the reviewer with the assistance of web requested a couple on Amazon before his pleasure flight took off. He got the several days after the fact and found fit. Both of his daughter concurred that these shoes look extraordinary on dad and shown interest about the producer. At long last he was particularly stunned with these Soft 7 shoes, which are agreeable to such an extent that he requested a second pair prior to existing one left request.


What is the difference between Ecco soft 7 and 8?

The Soft 8 is higher quality and recent in appearance than the Soft 7. The Soft 7 has received a lot of positive reviews for being a comfortable and fashionable shoe, and the Soft 8 is no exception. With the sneaker’s down-to-earth luxury, both the ECCO Soft 7 and Soft 8 provided customers a pleasing shoe visual.

Are Ecco shoes worth the money?

Feet specialists usually suggest ECCO shoes because of their lenience, fashion and all-important factors that can be considered. Their sneakers are great competitor, with built-in arch and heel support, as well as style that is exclusive and fabrics, and that makes us positive about the shoe for any day long trip.

Are Ecco shoes good for high arches?

If someone has flat feet, he or she can try ECCO sneakers. These Ecco shoes are meticulously built to deliver excellent arch assistance. We found the midsole is solid but supple, and safe enough on several test.


  • Enormous buyers admire the various uses of the Ecco Soft 7 sneaker which are able to resemble a difference of outfits.
  • As per a good number of consumers, walking and visiting have an extra gratifying experience due to the comforts of those sneakers of how pleasant those shoes
  • The Ecco Soft 7 sneakers usually don’t cause foot pain in comparison to ultra-cushioned running shoes.
  • In spite of its free steep, it was found that money spent on this sneaker is well spent.
  • The cloud feel insole molds user’s feet and that surely gives better comfort.
  • Some customers with foot and back problems have stated, this kick will work with their orthopedics.
  • Durable though the upper seems quite plushness as noticed on test.
  • Available various color option gives more opportunity to explore both Ecco Soft 7 men and women with different outfits.
ecco soft 7 slip on review
ecco soft 7 womens review

Click for Price & Available Women’s 20 Plus Color Options

Click for Price & Available Men’s 20 Plus Color Options


-Most of the people will prefer these shoes if half size sneakers were available.

-Moderately costly as each pair of shoes can be purchased at the low cost of $150 for both males and females.

Ecco Soft 7 Buying Tips


These sneakers are awesome as mentioned by Patt in review. While on test, we noticed a person who wear 9.5-10 US size, he/she can go with 8 US (42 UK shoe size). Seems this is absolutely perfect for most of the user. You’ll be happy with the feet if you measure your feet before checking and round up as per your size.


One user mentioned that, ten pairs of Ecco shoes are available to choose, and it does not suit like the others. He wanted to make it in a smaller size and it still didn’t fit on test. Seems a size smaller will be a better one for any regular feet.


In our research we found, the sneaker leads a full entire size length. If you don’t want to swim in your sneakers while you go for a game, you should approach for a low size. They’re a little narrow at first on field, but they will break in quickly and are extremely relaxed on course. In general, the appearance of the smooth leather is preserved. Even after use, this sneaker will look like exceptionally good, when the swayed cowhide will scuff.


A customer’s feet are extremely responsive as per his statement. He also mentioned that the Ecco soft 7 shoe is the only shoe that allows him to stay on his feet all day. He have more than thirty sets of ECCO Soft 7 shoes as he was enamored with those sneakers a few years back. That is the ultimate quality of these shoes!!! Those sneakers have succeeded to cure his lower back pain, foot pain and most importantly his lack of style. He also raised a question whether anyone noticed the remarkableness of those sneakers? Wear with your preferred dresses which fits on you. These are the pinnacle of opulent comfort and design. He suggested everyone to purchase these shoes.


Another client suggested to utilize the shoes to keep a safe sterile setting. He himself has been attempting to eradicate the dusts from the white soles for hours. However, he could not become successful to do it properly. Other substitute ways would be preferable, but those facilities were applicable in the United Kingdom due to unavoidable causes. For cleaning shoes please check our blog.


A reviewer said that his collected sneakers have various individual colors but similar design. But this particular shoe is so much more comfortable. He mentioned that reason of this color is preferred by him, “I can wear it with either my grey or black pants.”

Bottom Line

We found that ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker is an elite sample of how good can be achieved without being risqué. Due to its simplicity, these sneakers may give off a “what you see is what you get” vibe. However, examining every component of the sneaker, from the ingredients used to the imparted technology to the deliberately crafted figure, reveals that this ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker Review are suitable of a closer look for users.


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