ASICS GlideRide 3 Reviews: The Running Shoe Revolution!

The inaugural ASICS GlideRide 3 review, revolutionary running shoe technology that featured a superior midsole and unparalleled cushioning. I have seen it’s predecessor was met with acclaim from both the media and avid runners alike since GlideRide release date. So when the manufacturer released the successor – ASICS GlideRide 3 – enthusiasts like me could not wait for it!

The GlideRide 3 has become one of the most anticipated shoes in recent memory, as it boasts some of the industry’s most advanced technologies yet! So I just thought to have ASICS Glideride reviews. This innovative model brings forth GEL-Cushioning Technology which provides users with supreme levels of comfort during even the longest runs; while also incorporating FlyteFoam Midsole which offers exceptional shock absorption along with it! Plus don’t forget about its patented heel transition zone which provides users with maximum flexibility and adaptability during each step! You simply cannot go wrong with this runner!

ASICS GlideRide 3 Reviews: Overview and Features

With a slew of formidable footwear, it can be difficult to pick out the ideal pair. However, don’t fret as I have recently bestowed attention upon the ASICS GlideRide 3 running shoe. This ASICS Glideride 3 review selection exemplifies the virtues of comfort and practicality with an array of features that allow runners to confidently deploy their legs during any distance run or workout.

The notable design of this Glideride Asics model is its seamless upper construction. Its sleek appearance belies its extremely lightweight materials that allow users maximum freedom of movement while maintaining a snug fit on their feet.

asics glideride 3 reviews

To provide optimal cushioning for your stride during runs and HIIT sessions alike, we recommend using The Right Roadcaster® DiscTraction System™ from Mission rubber – providing more than adequate traction without compromising comfort.

ASICS GlideRide 3 Sole Specs

To deliver an unparalleled sense of comfort while running, ASICS has employed a trio of super-soft materials across the upper: synthetic leather, mesh and Phylon.

asics glideride reviews
Asics GlideRide Men’s

This sophisticated combination of materials provides light padding for long-distance runs, ideal for cushioning impact during brisk walks or jogs as well as offering greater flexibility and breathability for when you’re out on errands.

The GlideRide+® platform is designed to provide a supremely smooth ride in this mid-foot cage design, which also helps keep foot strain to a minimum.

ASICS GlideRide Upper Specs

The upper of the ASICS GlideRide 3 utilizes a soft, breathable mesh for increased flexibility, ease of motion and ventilation. Check the ASICS GlideRide Review.

From the heel to toe, these shoes boast plush suede overlays for added comfort during prolonged activity bouts such as runs or hikes! The combination of premium suede along with mesh materials creates an ideal foundation for ensuring all-day wearability – without compromising on performance standards.

Unleash your inner speed demon by donning these lightweight trail shoes boasting a breathable mesh lining that provides ample airflow while maintaining its durability throughout your workouts. This feature is instrumental in providing optimal temperature control during strenuous activities like hiking; it also contributes towards reducing perspiration levels thus enhancing overall comfort level!

Durability Comparison

Just like any other shoe, the ASICS GlideRide 3 boast an impressive level of durability. Even though they are specifically engineered to withstand a wide range of wear and tear without compromising their comfort level, these have proven over time to be among one of the most rugged options available on the market today!

asic glideride
ASICS GlideRide 3 Women’s

On average, this model requires 860 additional steps per mile (1,716 total) before showing signs of weakness in few of my tests. This figure is well above average for most runners; however it is still within tolerable limits for most people out there! I find it good for best shoes for fast running.

For those who desire extra security when traveling abroad or simply prefer a sole that resists abrasion from concrete, our review team recommends opting for the ASICS GT-2000 or maximalist-oriented GEL-Lyte III*.

Fit Guide: The GlideRide ASICS 3

The ASICS GlideRide 3 is a standout among running shoes, boasting an intriguing pair of fit characteristics: ample breadth-to-length ratio and snugness around the ankle.

The ideal foot configuration for these runner’s shoes consists of a mid-foot strike with minimal pronation when jogging on pavement or wood floors. For more information regarding both metrics in relation to their relative importance during your next run; consult our handy guide below!

For those who desire an elasticized band at the tongue, you’ll be able to find it as an option. However, if you’re seeking for greater security – there are no modifications available here! On that note however; don’t forget that there are still other variants of this triple strap system in stock such as GEL padding options – discover them all!

Technical Specs: ASICS GlideRide 3 Review

Terrain Road running
Pronation type Neutral running
Drop 5 mm
Heel stack height 31 mm
Forefoot stack height 26 mm
Weight (men) 285 g/10.1 oz
Weight (women) 230 g/8.1 oz
ASICS GlideRide 3 Release Date 2021


Outsole AHAR+
Midsole FlyteFoam, FlyteFoam Propel, reinforced EVA plate, 3D Guidance Line, Guidesole
Upper Engineered mesh


Cushioning (1-5) 2 – Firm
Bounce (1-5) 3 – Moderate


Speed Moderate
Distance Mid, long, 10k, half marathon, marathon
Workout Daily runs

Reference: ASICS


1. Comfortable cushioning: Many users praised the cushioning provided by the GlideRide 3, noting that it helped absorb impact and provided a smooth ride.

2. Lightweight: Users appreciated the lightweight construction of the shoe, which allowed for easy and comfortable movement.

3. Breathable: The breathable mesh upper was highly regarded, as it kept the feet cool and prevented excessive sweating during workouts.

4. Durable: Customers mentioned that the GlideRide Asics 3 is a durable shoe that withstands wear and tear over time.

5. Good traction: The shoe’s traction received positive feedback, with users noting that it provided a good grip on various surfaces.


1. Narrow fit: Found the GlideRide 3 a narrow fit shoe than GlideRide 2, which could be uncomfortable for those with wider feet. You may go for half size up based on feet size or check HOKA Bondi 7 reviewBrooks Ghost 14 Reviews or 880 v12.

2. Break in time: A few user mentioned that the shoe felt stiff and lacked flexibility initially.

Please note that these pros and cons are based on my personal experiences and research; individual experiences may vary.

The Bottom Line on the ASICS GlideRide 3

If it’s durability and energy return you’re seeking from a pair of running shoes, then look no further than these models. From lightweight cushioned designs to sturdy midsole constructions with outriggers – all boasting an unprecedented degree of stability for everyday runs or even intervals sessions!

The ASICS GlideRide 3 is a highly durable and rugged running shoe that can withstand a wide range of wear and tear without compromising comfort. It requires a high number of steps before showing signs of weakness, making it a reliable option for runners.

asics glideride 3
Asics GlideRide 3 Reviews

One of the standout features of the GlideRide 3 is its fit. It offers ample breadth-to-length ratio and snugness around the ankle, providing a secure and comfortable fit. It is designed for runners with a mid-foot strike and minimal pronation, making it suitable for various surfaces like pavement or wood floors.

Conclusion: ASICS GlideRide 3 reviews

Overall, the ASICS GlideRide 3 offers exceptional stability and shock absorption. It is built with the GEL Cushioning System, providing a smooth ride and support where it is needed most. It is a great option for those seeking durability and energy return in their running shoes.

In conclusion of ASICS GlideRide 3 reviews, it is a versatile and reliable running shoe that offers durability, stability, and comfort. It is suitable for various running activities and can provide relief for joint pain or overuse-related aches and pains. However, it may not be suitable for those in need of arch support.


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